Monday, November 16, 2015

Guest Review--Nighttime Promises (Make a Wish #2) by MA Church

Morning yall! Sharon from I Smell Sheep is back! And she's bringing you another dose of tentacle lovin'!This one is m/m sci-fi romance. Check out her review and leave her some comment love! ~anna

Who can resist a cover with a sexy alien with tentacles for hair? Not this girl! I recently read book one, Nighttime Wishes and giggled my perverted little heart out over the big bad warrior alien, Ziang, falling for the cute little twink Shawn. But as he was sweeping him away to his planet Maz’Rar, Ziang’s first-in-command, Daroshi, got his tentacles all in a twist over the manly Sheriff Bryan Coltrane. Nighttime Promises picks up right where book one ended.

Poor Bryan. Finding dates in a small town is tough enough, but finding what he really wants, impossible. Since he is tall, muscular and powerful, men and women assume he will be dominate. What he secretly wants is someone who can take control and “man handle” him in the bedroom. When he is kidnapped by a 7 foot alien he is conflicted. Daroshi can make all his fantasies come true, but the whole kidnapped and alien issues are a problem. It is quite hilarious as the two try to understand each other, and Daroshi, a fierce warrior, is reduced to a doting idiot as he tries to please his chosen mate.

This is a silly fluff story with two adorable lovers fucking their brains out. The story moves quickly but like book one, there is a lot of redundancy and spoon feeding the reader. A tighter edit would have made a shorter story, but a better read. Even so, I didn’t want to put it down, because I’m a sucker (ha! See what I did there?) for m/m fluff.  

When you wish upon a star… it comes true in ways you never expected.

Things have gone downhill since Sheriff Bryan Coltrane got involved in the FBI’s investigation of a recent UFO crash. Not only is a homophobic agent pushing his buttons, but he’s made contact with one of the aliens…who wants him for a mate!
Daroshi, a warrior with tentacles from the planet Maz’Rar, monitored the rescue of his captain, Ziang. Impressed by the courageous and brawny human male, he wants Bryan for his own despite knowing little about the race. Neither man is prepared for the problems arising from Daroshi’s desires, or the passion exploding between them.

What’s an alien to do when his mate harps on his civil rights and makes demands? He makes the wishes come true.

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