Friday, April 29, 2016

Blog Ahead Tally Post!

Woohoo! It's time for the bi-annual Blog Ahead event! This is the mini 2 week version (regular is the month of Oct).

Anywho. This is my sign up post and how I'm going to keep track of what I'm doing and getting done...hopefully.


Vacations, Emergencies, Blogger Burn out--they hit us all. And having extra posts scheduled and ready to go can be a life saver! This May join up with dozens of other bloggers for a two week blog binge where we'll up our number of scheduled posts by 15.

Dates: May 1-15

Goal: Increase your number of completed "Scheduled Posts" by 15. Ie. If you start with 15 posts at the end of the two weeks you'll have 30 posts in your "scheduled" file.

Sign Up: HERE
FB Support Group: HERE

END Results: I made it to 51 scheduled posts so added 19 to my scheduled posts tally. Not bad! I'm pretty happy with the results and feeling much better about the blog. Yay!

So. My starting point is 32 posts which is WAY behind for me.
Usually I'm at the 60-80 mark but I used up a TON of my scheduled posts earlier this year while the herd was so sick. Thank goodness for Blog Ahead because it seriously saved the blog while that was happening. So...YAY!

I'm going to aim for 20-30 extra posts and an ending of 52+ posts. *fingers crossed*

  1. Cooking Post-- Breakfast Biscuit Bake--May 29
  2. Cooking Post-- Enchilada Skillet-- June 12
  3. Cooking Post--Tamale Pie--June 26
  4. Interview w/ Amy Briggs June 2
  5. Review--Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis June 27
  6. Audio Review--Night Broken by Patricia Briggs & Unexpected Gifts by Elena Aitken--June 17
  7. Review-- Completing the Pass by Jeanette Murray--May 16
  8. Review--The Duke of Olympia Meets His Match by Juliana Gray/Brave Enough by M Leighton--May 17
  9. Review--The Seduction of Kinsey Foster by Lisa Wells--May 19
  10. Review--At Any Cost by Mandy Baxter--May 30
  11. Review--Claimed by Elle Kennedy--June 15
  12. Review
  13. Review
  14. Review
  15. Rock the Blog
  16. Buy the Book--May 17
  17. Buy the Book--May 24
  18. Buy the Book--May 31
  19. Buy the Book-- June 7
  20. Meet the Herd-Jeremy or Vega
  21. Word from the Herd
  22. Tag: The Cat Herder (edition 20)-- July 17
  23. Tag: The Cat Herder (edition 21)--Aug 22
  24. Tag: The Cat Herder (edition 22)--Sept 18
  25. Interview w/ Amanda Mariel--June 23
  26. Interview w/ Ava Branson--June 16

(plus posts that won't count since they'll go live before the challenge ends. I just wanna see what all I get done-- 2 buy the books, Fly With Me review, How I Married a Marquess review, You Oughta Know, Outlaw Cowboy review, best of my love review, insta-wed1, the viscount needs a wife review, who's your hero, FB woes, white tiger review, Audio Review--Irrisistible Force by DD Ayres & Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs, guest post with Scarlett Cole, reviews {The Perfect Fit by Jenna Sutton} & {I Thee Wed by Celeste Bradley})

Are you joining in on Blog Ahead? If so leave your link in the comments!

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