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Quote-tastic/Review-- Don't Make Me Pee On You --Love of the Game by Lori Wilde

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Look at this cover! Omg I was totally smitten from page one with Love of the Game. Baseball player, people. Baseball player. Yum! And a pretty fun romance that had me smiling and chuckling a few times too. This one just made me snort for some reason. I love the whole Woman! thing.
"Woman," he said, "you are stubborn as the devil."

Kasha grinned and he realized with a start that it was the first time he had seen an honest-to-goodness heartfelt smile on her face.
 I <3 Suki. lol
"Wow," Suki whispered from behind Kasha. "He's my hero."

Mine too. Kasha's heart swelled against her rib cage.

"You should be jumping his bones," Suki said. "Why aren't you jumping his bones?"

"He's my patient," Kasha murmured.

"So quit that job."
 I couldn't help the snort that happened. I couldn't. 
You think too much, Sphinx. That's what's tripping you up."

"Is that right?"

"Yep. And it's my job to find a way to turn off your inner critic long enough to get there."

"Good luck with that," she mumbled.

"You're waving a red flag at a horny bull, you realize that, right?" He kissed the tip of her nose. "I can't resist a thrown gauntlet."
 Here either. lol He was trying to figure out what hit her buttons and it just made me laugh. 
"Blindfolds?" he whispered. "Tickling?"

"Tickle me and I might pee on you."

"So is that a thing?"

"No! No tickling, no peeing."

"Good, because I wasn't on board with that either."

"We're compatible there anyway," she mumbled.

"Spanking? he said. "Do you like to be spanked?"

"Only if you let me spank you first."

Love of the Game (Stardust, Texas #3)

Sweet, heartwarming and funny with a little sappy cheesy goodness on the side. lol I had a good time with Love of the Game. I'm a total tart when it comes to sports romances so a baseball player and his physical therapist was just begging me to read it. Plus the cover which is just to die for sweet and romantic...I was a goner. 

The quick of it is that Axel has hurt his shoulder and with rehab not going all that well the team has basically said you have this risky surgery or we're out of options. Buuuut the newbie physical therapist has another idea and they're granted one week to hide away in her country town and see if they can do what it takes to show the team enough improvement to skip the surgery. 

I really liked Axel and Kasha. They're easy people to like. Funny, witty, kind. A bit stubborn--okay a LOT stubborn--and cocky on Axel's part. Fiercly determined and dedicated to what they're doing in life but also somewhat removed and watching things from the outside. They've got just enough trauma in their pasts to make your heart really go out to them and show how strong they both are to have overcome what they'd been through. Just damaged enough to need the right person to come in and help them heal, too. Oh and Kasha is a vegetarian (me too!). I liked seeing that. I also loved that Axel was totally cool with that. Didn't tease her or make a big deal out of it and even had veggie meals with her. Might not seem like a big deal but kinda is and totally had me falling just a little more for him :D

They had lovely chemistry and after a bit of a blip in bed were on fire there too. Though it does take a while because of their working relationship. Wilde did something different with their first time and I totally loved it. It was unique to romance books and more realistic and totally worked for me.

There's not a ton of sports time since he's healing and doing rehab for his shoulder so you don't see a lot of him on the job other than doing rehab but you do see Kasha on the job as well as with her family--she had a huge decision to make that really changed her family life--and I really loved that that element was added into the mix. 

All in all, Love of the Game was a dreamy, romantic, and make-you-laugh fun. I loved watching these two heal and figure out what was most important in life. They both went through such a journey and it was just lovely to watch it unfold.
With major league good looks and talent, Dallas Gunslingers relief pitcher Axel Richmond was living the good life. Even if the roar of the crowd could never distract him from the loss of his young son. But now with an injured shoulder and his career on the line, Axel is stuck recuperating at a ranch in Stardust, Texas . . . striking out only with his gorgeous physical therapist.

Kasha Carlyle has one week to get Axel back in action or she can kiss her much-needed job with the Gunslingers goodbye. And any chance to seek custody of the orphaned half-sister she never knew existed. She quickly learns that Axel’s guarded heart also needs healing . . . requiring all kinds of sneaky plays and sexy moves in extra innings.

(book 1 is only 1.99 right now!)
*covers link to Amazon

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