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Guest Post w/ Tracy A Ward-- Writing a Love Scene When You Aren't Feeling The Sexy

Hey guys! Today we've got Tracy Ward joining us with some tips for finding your sexy. Yall check it out then hit those comments and leave her some love! ~anna

5 Tips For Writing a Love Scene When You Aren’t Feeling the Least Bit Sexy

Writers are notorious homebodies. We feel more comfortable in the world of our creation rather than the real world around us. But it takes more than a vivid imagination to live out the stories in our heads. So we sit for long periods of time, our asses in a comfy chair, and let the magic flow through our limber fingers. The problem is one minute rolls into an hour, into a day, into a week, a month, a year, a decade. Before we know it we’ve gained thirty pounds, the once gentle lines around our eyes have become canyons and our libidos have taken a nose-dive in the rollercoaster of our ever changing hormones. We can’t remember when we last showered or were remotely interested in having sex, much less writing about it.

So how does a romance writer craft a scorching sex scene when the only heat you feel comes from perimenopausal hot flashes and the occasional spilled coffee?

1). Get Moving

Testosterone levels shoot through the roof during and after exercise. A good workout also increases blood flow south of the border. So get off your kiester, put on your tennies and pop in a Shaun T DVD. If the exercise doesn’t get you in the mood, the added eye candy might.

2). Set the Stage

Dim the lights, uncork a bottle of your favorite wine and light some candles. Creating an ambiance different from your norm can help set the stage for your smexy scene.

3). Choose a Soundtrack

It’s no secret music inspires many authors. What song reminds you of your first kiss? Or that pulse racing first time? If you’re like most writers, chances are there are tons of tunes that invoke old feelings or imagined ones. Create a playlist and let the memories roll.

4). Watch Movies

I’m not talking about the x-rated variety (unless that floats your boat). What I’m referring to are the romantic movies. The kiss in the rain in The Notebook, the piano scene in Pretty Woman, when Jack paints Rose in Titanic. Unless you’re dead, those are the kind of pulse racing scenes that stimulate the, er…imagination.

5). Pay Attention

Still not feeling sexy? Dress in your very best and hit the town. Go with friends or your significant other, it doesn’t matter. Head up, shoulders back, you own the room. That waiter? He was totally flirting with you. And not just because he wants a bigger tip. You’re totally hot. You walk by on the street, notice those heads are turning for you (and no…you don’t have anything on your face or toilet paper stuck to your shoe). Confidence is an aphrodisiac. Get out of your own head for an hour and you’ll discover just how much everyone thinks you rock it.

It’s hard to feel sexy when the baby is crying, your breasts are leaking milk and you haven’t had a decent haircut in half a year. Real life is busy, complicated and oftentimes a real libido killer. But follow these 5 tips and you’ll be back to your sexy self in no time!


Who knew love could bring a playwright so much drama?

Writing three plays for a nationally acclaimed theater in Phair, Texas, was never supposed to put Ashlyn Carter’s inheritance at risk or make or break her future. And it certainly wasn’t supposed to force her into constant contact with the very guy she’s avoided since her teenage crush-gone-bad days.

Noah Blake. He's Ashlyn’s enemy, for good reason. As her older brother's best friend, he seems hell-bent on interfering with nearly every aspect of her life. So how then does he also seem to be her muse?

When Ashlyn reluctantly agrees to act out scenes with Noah from the play she’s writing in order to trigger her creativity, the spark of passion she’d felt for him as a teenager flares up again. But there's more at stake than just her future as a playwright or the inheritance she never cared about in the first place. Finding out the theater she loves is in danger of closing puts everything she thought she knew and felt about Phair…and Noah...to the test. Will there be a standing ovation for Ashlyn Carter, playwright, or will the curtain drop and fade to black? Only by facing their biggest fears together will Ashlyn and Noah learn to trust in themselves and each other.


After the birth of her children, Tracy had an epiphany: banking just wasn’t her thing. So she quit her corporate job, let her nanny go and became a not-so-desperate housewife by day, Sexy Women’s Fiction author by night. Her characters are every-day women, following their dreams, searching for that elusive happily ever after.

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Alright, yall. What are YOUR favorite tips for finding your sexy?

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