Thursday, April 28, 2016

[A to Z] Lust-- Traveling, Unique Places, & Visiting Home

Every year I join in on the A to Z Blogging Challenge where your goal is to spend April blogging the alphabet with a couple thousand other bloggers.

My Theme: Lust--in all it's different forms...

Today's post is about the Lust of...catching up? lol I've been bad about posting on the days we were supposed to post and trying to catch up so three interconnected lusts for today..Traveling, Unique Places & Visiting Home <3

I have a lust for travel...even though these days the herd keeps me pretty tied down. When I was six weeks I had my first big trip. My granddad was going to Germany for sabbatical and mom, grandmom and me went with him. And traveling has been in my blood ever since.

Man. They took me everywhere when I was tiny. I've got so many pics in neat places over the world but dang if I can remember them. lol One day I want to re-do all of those trips now that I'm grown and can actually remember them. How fun would that be?! Pictures then vs pictures 30+ years later. One day maybe. 

I have a lust for crazy, weird, unique getaways and adventures.

So. I want to do two different road trips. 

1. I'd love to pick a place on the West coast and jump in a car with a friend and no map or directions and we have to get from East Coast to West Coast (without using major highways or asking directions). And we just go and see where we end up and stop all along the way when the mood strikes.

2. I'd LOVE to get a huge list of really random road side attractions--either the worlds largest xyz or just odd things like a field of large corn lol--and stop everywhere and take silly pictures.


I have a lust for visiting. Okay. So for the most part I'm anti-peoples. lol But I do love a good visit with friends or family. Right now I'm seriously lusting after a vacation and visit home. It's been going on 4 years since I've been back home and man I miss my mom and grandmom and all of my herd-siblings. I'm hoping that this will get fixed this summer. I'll totally squee if I can make it happen :D

Do you have a lust for traveling?

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