Saturday, April 16, 2016

[A to Z] Lust-- Learning (and Knowledge)

Every year I join in on the A to Z Blogging Challenge where your goal is to spend April blogging the alphabet with a couple thousand other bloggers.

My Theme: Lust--in all it's different forms...

Today's post is about the Lust for Learning! And Knowledge since I'm a wee bit behind in posts. Figured I'd toss those two together. So. A video for today!

Forgive my lighting and how close I am to the camera. Had a devil of a time finding a spot that I could put the phone camera and still sign...

Soo! What I said. 

Hi! For my A to Z challenge I'm sharing things I lust after.
Today the lust for learning. 
Hi, my name is Anna
I'm learning ASL (american sign language)
I herd cats and burn soup.

I'm interested in three things.
1...reading books
and 3...all things naughty (mischievous).

How about you?

Oh! For Melissa... (well, something naughty) lol


So that's my post for today :) I love learning new things. All that knowledge out there is amazing!
I'm always researching this or that or trying to learn something new.
Keeps life interesting, right?

For 2016 I decided I was going to learn ASL.
It's been a great time so far. There are 8 people in my current class. We're working on the second ASL course that's offered at our tech school.

Today we went to lunch with 5 people who are deaf and know our teacher. It was quite the experience!

Do you know another language? Or how to sign ASL?
What was the last thing you attempted to learn?

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