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4 stars-- The SEAL's Second Chance (Alpha Ops #3) by Anne Calhoun

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Soooo a hot sexy SEAL!!! Yes, today's Quote-tastic pick was a hottie but had a lot of other stuff going on too...

A little silly...
She crawled into bed and flopped on her side. Jamie sprawled face down next to her and spent a good thirty seconds writhing around in the sheets like a dog rolling in the grass.

"What are you doing, you fool?" she asked.

"These sheets. Jesus. You sleep on Navy sheets for a decade and then try these."

"Eight hundred thread count Egyptian cotton," she said. "Enjoy."

He settled down and tucked the sheet around her ribs, then closed his eyes.
 I just love the smug male. lol

"I've never seen you in makeup before," he said, buttering the toast.

She shot him a narrow-eyed look that didn't hold as much heat as it could have. "You left massive stubble burn on my chin. I needed to do something to make it look natural."

"Yeah, not really sorry about that," he said as she slid eggs onto their plates.
 Okay so like I said there was a lot of funny in this one. A lot of sexy too. But there was also some serious stuff that really kinda got to me. This moment just had me sucking a little air in. 
"How many men do you think wake up in my bed?" she asked after he'd taken a hearty gulp of orange juice.

He choked, but managed to swallow rather than spit all over her eggs. "What?"

"The first thing you said to me this morning was your name. Like I wouldn't know who I'd gone to bed with the night before."

"It wasn't that," he said, eyes watering, silently cursing himself. He'd give up a limb to take back those words and substitute something romantic, like I've loved you since I was seventeen.

"What was it, then?"

"You looked far away. That's what I'd want to know," he said, because he'd been projecting his own emotions onto her face. "First, who's with me and can I trust them? Second, where am I?"

"Oh," she said. "Does that happen often?"

"When you're sixteen days into a mission and running on about eight hours of sleep total, yeah, it happens."

"Who you're with matters more than where you are?"

"When I'm with the right people, where I am doesn't matter. We've got whatever's coming."

The SEAL's Second Chance (Alpha Ops #3)

Hot, sweet, sexy as all hell. The SEAL's Second Chance was one deliciously romantic romp. So. It's been ten years since Jamie and Charlie have seen each other-- she's been rocking the sports world as a pro basketball player and he's a Navy SEAL--but they're both home for an awards ceremony and Jamie? He's ready to make up for time lost. Charlie's had his heart since they were kids in high school but nothing ever came of it but now? Oh yeah, he's gonna get his girl and he's gonna keep her too. *nods* Just has to convince her first. 

I loved these two. They grew up on different sides of the track but they had a common bond with basketball. Something that still pulls them together. I loved their little bit of history for them. Their competitiveness and the fire in both of them. And I just liked them. They were fun and sexy and knock out good people.

And the heat simmering between them...scorching! Calhoun knows how to bring the hot and steamy and make a girl squirm. And these two totally made me squirm. 

I really liked that while there were steamy bits and funny bits the serious ones were also touched on. Her upbringing which still weighed on her and his career in the SEALs as well. It made them feel real and just tugged at the heart.

All in all, Calhoun can rock a novella. The SEAL's Second Chance ended on more of a HFN kind of thing but it was still satisfying and dreamy. Can't go wrong with that. I do hope there will be another novella in the series--his brother maybe? with a little bit of an update on these two down the line. If you're looking for a sweet steamy afternoon read this is definitely it.

In high school, basketball star Charlotte Stannard and Navy SEAL Jamie Hawthorn were everything but lovers. They shared a ruthlessly competitive spirit and relentless drive, but Charlie, afraid of the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy at seventeen, drove Jamie away. But now Jamie's back in town for the banquet to honor the basketball coach, and finds Charlie, newly home from a successful career in the European leagues and coaching the girls' team. The flames between them are hotter than ever, but Charlie believes Jamie just wants what he couldn't have when they were kids. Jamie's not just playing to win. He's playing for Charlie's heart, forever.
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