Saturday, April 23, 2016

4 stars-- His Royal Princess (Billionaire Boys Club #3.5) by Jessica Clare

Royal Princess vs. Hollywood movie star. Oh, yes, things are about to get interesting at the palace! Light hearted and cute! His Royal Princess was a sweet-make-a-girl-smile treat!

The quick of it is that Luke is filming in a tiny European country and his set has just been crash. He assumes by an, erm, escort sent to him for his birthday. In reality? A crown Princess for the country they're filming in. Oops! Thankfully his Princess has a good sense of humor. lol And off they go on a whirlwind romance.
Oh, sweet Jesus. He'd called the fucking royal princess a hooker. He was horrified. Almost. Then he noticed the impish look on her face. And laughed out loud. She'd gotten him.

I really enjoyed both Princess Alex--who was very sheltered and prim but had a daring naughty side--and Luke--a somewhat jaded movie star in need of having his world shook up just a bit. They were cute together and fun to be around.
Luke slid up her body and propped himself up on his elbows over her, then leaned in to give her a soft kiss.

"You okay, Princess?"

She nodded slowly, still panting. "It's just never been that intense...before." Her gaze slid away from his.

"When you touch yourself?"

She gave a shy smile and pressed her fingers to his mouth to hush him. "Princesses don't masturbate," she told him in her starchiest voice.
They had some nice chemistry and heat and did I mention they were just plain ol' cute? I did, didn't I? But they were! They just made me smile as they dealt with movie sets, grumpy directors, paparazzi, Royal guards and crazy family members.
"You okay?" Her voice was concerned.

Shit, had she just heard his groan? What could he possibly say that wouldn't freak her out? Just adjusting my inappropriate boner? Looking at your tits gave me a hard-on? He went with a blunted version of the truth. "Finding it really, really hard not to kiss you right now, that's all."

Alex laughed. "I'd be willing to make that sacrifice if it'd please you." 
Clare gave a delightful taste of her style and charm with His Royal Princess--cheeky and fun! It's a quick read and perfect for a busy afternoon where you just desperately need an hours down time to escape into something fun and satisfying.

As heir to the throne of Bellissime, Princess Alexandra is supposed to be cool and calm...not crushing on a movie star. When she hears that Luke Houston is filming a scene for his next movie in her tiny country, however, she can’t resist sneaking onto set to get a glimpse of the Hollywood hunk.

When Alex is almost caught on set by the press, she ducks into the first available hiding place—only to find herself in Luke’s private trailer, and getting much more than just a glimpse of him. It’s an up close and personal encounter that sets her heart aflutter, and sets her mind on some very unladylike plans to get to know him better...

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