Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[A to Z] Lust--Dirty Words

Every year I join in on the A to Z Blogging Challenge where your goal is to spend April blogging the alphabet with a couple thousand other bloggers.

My Theme: Lust--in all it's different forms...

Today's post...the Lust for Dirty Words <winks>
I love me some dirty words. My mom says I have a mouth on me. My language is just a little salty, I say. Sometimes, really, the only thing needed is a good FUCK! Quite possibly the most perfect word. But here are a few other favorites and funnies. 


this...is true. lol 

Not an insult though, because, really, pussy is fabulous and shouldn't be an insult.

Now. I don't like this one as a swear but it can totally work in a sexy way sometimes.


Sooooo those are my favorite dirty words :D What's your favorite?

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