Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[A to Z] Lust-- Reading

Every year I join in on the A to Z Blogging Challenge where your goal is to spend April blogging the alphabet with a couple thousand other bloggers.

My Theme: Lust--in all it's different forms...

Today's post is about the Lust for Reading.

I'd pick reading over pretty much anything.

Yeah. It's bad.

I've had moments before going out where I seriously consider calling out sick and staying home with my new read. lol

I'd rather a new book than a new pair of shoes.

I've seriously considered biting people who interrupt my reading.

And seen the sun rise more than once because I just...could...not...stop.

And never have fewer than 500 books on the TBR pile. Okay. It's probably more like 1000 on the TBR pile. But you know how that goes.

This. This is true.

Are you a book addict?

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