Friday, January 6, 2017

My 2017 Goals. Aka... my "Get Shit Done" plan.

Yes! New Year...New Goals!
My plan? Get. Shit. Done.

These are my basics for house and blog. I'll probably add a couple more as the year goes but for now this is my plan...

1. Finish indexing the blog. 
This is hell. Pure and simple. lol I did a good job keeping 2016 indexed (go me!) and made progress on previous years but a ton to go still.

  • Jan 2017-- done 

2. Conquer the Past Due Review Pile.
I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping up with new requests but I need to go back and tackle old review books. Hello, Blogger Shame Challenge
  • Netgalley-- 26 left (oo! I got one done already!)
  1. Stranded with a Billionaire-- Jan 2017
  • Edelweiss-- 8
  • Print--20 (most of these were just sent for review consideration so I don't have to review them but I want to, and, yes, dammit there are more than that but I'm aiming for 20 less by end of year)
3. Streamline.
I'd like to keep getting things streamlined so the blog runs more efficiently. *waves hand around* Work smarter and all that.
4. Clear out my social media and use it more wisely.
I'm going to go on an unfriending and unliking spree. And I really don't feel bad about it. lol Once that's done I want to work on using my social media on a consistent basis for blog things and in a more positive environment.

  • Jan 2017-- Started tracking engagement, days posted, etc. 

5. Finish designing and start selling review journals.
I was planning on doing this last year but early 2016 kicked our ass on the home front. I'm working on them now, though, so hopefully in early Jan they'll be ready for preview.

1. Work on the house. I started in 2016 with my massive "spring cleaning" but then I was all meh and have a lot of unfinished projects. So 2017 is the year. Everything is going to be painted, fluffed, purged, decorated, primped. Inside and outside. *nods*
  • Jan 2017-- Sadly not much.

2. Get rid of 1,095 things! 3ish things a day. (I'm doing great! Already 20 items down. woohoo!)
  • Jan 2017-- 88 items

3. Walk 2,000,000 steps. A little less than 6,000 a day. We. Shall. See. Yeah.

  • Jan 2017-- A few over 6,000 step days but mostly 3,000 steps. 95,754 +3060

4. Try 52 new recipes. I love to cook but get in ruts and cook the same stuff over and over. So I wanna step out of that and try some new things! (woohoo 1 down here, too!)

  1. Texas Caviar (Jan) good
  2. Ribbon Potatoes (Jan) okay
  3. Black bean burger (Jan) good
  4. Freekeh Soup (Jan) BAD
  5. Garlic Bok Choy (Jan) good

 5. Make the house more herd friendly and engaging for them. I want them to have a good year, too.

I'll update as the year goes along (hopefully) and may end up adding other goals in but for now this is it!

What about yall? Any personal or blog goals on dock?

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