Saturday, January 21, 2017

What You See...

So this week I had two growly reviews go up on the blog.
Like...Anna was in full on #RantyAnna mode. I won't lie. They had me in a right ol' fit. lol

And a couple of the ladies were all oh no! you've had a really bad go lately or I hope your next book is awesome!

Which got me to thinking. lol

I'm actually having a really great reading week (woohoo!) even though the blog had both a 1 and a 2 star review and I was seemingly all grrrrrr arg!

But I blog ahead. Sometimes I blog ahead a LOT and what you're seeing on the blog is stuff I've not read or tasted or thought about in half a year! ha!

So the two reviews in question.

This one I read WAY back in July.
And this one back in December.

I just didn't post them at the time and they ended up scheduled right near each other without me paying much attention.

Alas, same with the food posts.
By the time those post the noms have usually been gone for months.
It's so not fair! Then I spend all day getting emails about the yummy noms and I'm all OMG I have no yummy noms! I NEED yummy noms!


Anywho. It was just a thought that passed my mind yesterday after reading comments.

I'm a huge believer in blogging ahead and host a couple events during the year to help other bloggers do the same. Looking at my current schedule I've got food posts up into March and a couple reviews already schedule for May. Now, not every post is done from now until then, obviously. I do allow for random posts like this and new review books but some, yeah, they're way past gone from my mind and I have to re-read the reviews to remember what the heck I said.


So, what about yall? Do you blog ahead?

Other thoughts...

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