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2 stars-- Blazing Hot Cowboy (Smokin’ Hot Cowboys #2) by Kim Redford

Blazing How Cowboy. *pets the gorgeous cover* Really it was just impossible for me to resist a cowboy firefighter. And for the most part it was a decent read. But, sadly, in the end it fell short for me.

The quick of it is that the heroine has just come back home after 13 years away. She's a widow, has a young daughter and needs to start fresh. And her high school sweet heart is ready to jump in and help any way he can.

  • I liked the characters well enough. There's nothing terribly remarkable about them but they're good people wanting to help others and improve their community. I can get on board with that!
  • I really like this town and the fact they LOVE their cats and dang near worship them. Everyone caters to their kitties and the store kitties and that just makes me smile.
  • Firefighters. Cowboys. Firefighter cowboys. Noms! I mean, really. I'm in a swoon, yall. lol
  • Seriously. That. Cover. #Covergasm
  • There were some pretty funny moments with the hero adjusting to a kid that had me giggling.
If he could get a hold of the girl's arms he might be able to pull her off him, but she looked too delicate to manhandle. He figured one good jerk and she might come apart. Slade would know what to do, because he was used to being an adoring uncle who knew how to play with kids. Kent knew how to rope and wrangle and hog-tie animals. Somehow, he didn't figure those skills were going to do him much good here and now.

"There now, lil dogie." He patted the top of her blond head like he would reassure a calf, but he wasn't at all sure if it'd work on a kid.
And he had some swoony moments, too.
"Do you have the time"

He squeezed her hand. "Where you're concerned, I've got all the time in the world."

  • Things were extremely repetitive. I lost count of the number of times it was mentioned that she wanted her daughter to have a community around her and to spread her wings, how something was up with her aunt, etc. I think, easily, 50% of the book could have been cut if all the repetition was removed. 
  • It relied almost entirely on them being together as teenagers and being hit with a case of insta-love as soon as they saw each other as adults...over a decade later. After mere days they're talking about becoming a family (she has a young daughter), him wanting to adopt said daughter, and saying things like lets go home to "comfort their daughter". I just couldn't. With about 15% of the book to go I actually threw my arms up in the air and said 'oh for fucks sake this is ridiculous'. I can suspend belief to a point but it went beyond what I could tolerate.
  • And no condoms were used because they were always "meant to have a child". Really? With life in such upheaval after just moving, starting over and in days you're gonna make a baby together. Okay.
All in all, Blazing Hot Cowboy had potential but ended up not working for me. Which is disappointing because the series just screams Anna will love me! Sadly, I think, this is just not the series for me.
Lauren Sheridan's return to Wildcat Bluff after the death of her husband is bittersweet. Thirteen years have passed since she set foot in the place that's always held her heart...and the sizzling memories of her high school sweetheart.

Kent Duval has it all. A proud rancher and volunteer firefighter in the small town of Wildcat Bluff, he's missing only one thing from his life: passion. Kent last saw Lauren Sheridan when she was sweet sixteen and they were head-over-heels in love. Now she's back, spunky daughter in tow, and he no longer knows which way is up. As the heat between them builds, Kent can't help but wonder if past flames can be rekindled and second chances really do exist.

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