Friday, January 20, 2017

2 stars-- A Perfect Compromise (New Jersey Ice Cats #4) by Anna Sugden

A Perfect Compromise is one of those books where the writing is pleasant and I liked the heroine but the hero is a fucking asshole prick who needs to grow the fuck up and get over himself. I honestly didn't want him to have a happily ever after and wish she'd leave his sorry useless self-centered ass and find a real man. Because it is not him. Gah! He's the perfect candidate for dick removal because he surely wasn't responsible or worthy of his.

The quick of it is that Issy and JB meet on vacation and one thing leads to a broken condom and a couple months later them dealing with their vacation fling coming back to haunt them. Yeah. They fully expected a good time and then to go their separate ways with fond memories but now they're having to deal with a pregnancy and what it means to their futures. And not everyone is handling it well...

Alright. So, like I said. I liked the heroine. Issy usually isn't a risk taker and has had to work very hard to find security and stability in her life after a rough childhood. She finally goes a little bit wild and it really comes back to bite her. Her life was upended but she did what needed to be done and was just a strong women doing what ever she had to do for her child and their future. I just wanted to just hug her and I am not a hugger.

Now, JB. I liked him at first. Then I really hated him. He's a child parading around in a man body. His life revolves around hockey and that's all he cares about. He spent the entire book deciding if he wanted to be in his child's life and hemming and hawing with a well I'll decide later if I want to be involved or not and you just have to deal with it. His solution was to throw money at his baby mama and sign over custody and if being a daddy suited him well then he'd be involved but commitment to her or child--and we're not even talking marriage, yall, just active in their Hockey was more important. If she'd just deal with the kid until it was older then he'd get involved when it wasn't a bad time for him hockey-wise. Yeah. He was a fucking douche.

I just didn't care for him by the end and didn't buy into his last minute change of heart. I wanted better for the heroine. Maybe if the hero had figured it out sooner I could have gotten on board but seriously he spent near the entire book acting like the world centered around him and fuck his baby and baby mama. He was a jerk.

So this one gets a 2 and after ranting that's pretty generous, I think. I actually didn't mind the writing and read this one super fast. It was really an easy read other than the hero. So I'd maybe be up for trying Sugden again and hoping this was just a bad mesh for me character-wise but there's absolutely no rush on my part to find out for sure.

Schoolteacher Issy Brandine has a plan to build a stable, secure future for herself. No settling for second-best. Anything more than a sultry Caribbean fling with hotshot hockey star Jean Baptiste Larocque isn't part of the plan. A New Jersey Ice Cat with the ultimate hockey trophy in his sights won't fit into her low-key lifestyle. Except a surprise pregnancy changes everything.

Issy knows her child deserves more than a part-time dad. With JB's eyes on the championship that will redeem his career, compromise is out of the question. But love—and the baby between them—might prove that nothing is impossible.


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