Saturday, January 7, 2017

#2017LifeMotto -- Less Is More

Soo to go with my Goals post I also have a life motto for 2017. A few years back I ran across a blog (and heck if I can remember which one) who chose a word for each year. A word to focus on and strive for during the year. I thought it was a neat idea but didn't do anything with it then a couple months ago--during one of my many stints in FB jail it crossed my mind again and I decided I'd try it out in 2017 only using a phrase instead of a word.... Less Is More.

I'm going to try to apply this concept to most areas of my life this year. The last few years I've felt a bit overwhelmed by...stuff. Both e-stuff and real life stuff. And really it makes everything way less enjoyable.

So this year I want to downside and enjoy what I have and what I do and not let excess...everything take over and muddy things up.


Less stress-- Just accepting I can't control everything and letting it go.

Less stuff in my house-- one of my goals is getting rid of 1,095+ things.

Fewer obligations and commitments-- it's okay to say no.

Fewer friends on social media-- the purge shall begin! Honestly there are some people I never interact with and some that have toxic personalities. Why do we keep people like that in our circle? It definitely impacts my day seeing some of them and not in a good way.

Less clutter-- I want everything in my home to have its own place. Gah I'm tired of tripping on things or knocking things over.

Which leads to Less time spent Searching for things.-- added as I spend 3 hours searching for a book.

Less procrastination-- just do things now, don't wait. That only lends to stress and panic when time's drawing near.

Less shopping-- I really need nothing. So I'm going to really try considering each purchase before making them.

Fewer review and blog commitments (focus on a few not on all). I'll only be featuring books I really want to read and authors I've worked with in the past.

Follow fewer blogs-- I've already started this. From 311 blogs in my feed down to 213. Holy cow but the number of posts those blogs can churn out in a day/week/month. A number of the ones in my feed don't really seem to want to engage in the community (that's fine) and a handful just don't seem interested in visiting with me (that's okay, too). But why keep trying with either set? I'd like to get down to a base set and then start looking for a few new blogs that do want to visit and socialize since those are the things I enjoy about the community.

Start fewer home projects-- finish one before I start another. I'm horrible at starting a project and getting distracted and then it taking me months to finish instead of days because I'm working on 8 things at once instead of one at a time. I need to focus in 2017 :D

So this is my vision for 2017. Focus. Refine. Enjoy what I surround myself with-- both physically and mentally-- and don't let excess clutter up my life. I think if I can do this I'll enjoy my life--all aspects of it-- more. :) And, yes, I get the irony of this post since there were... a lot of words. Ha!

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