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Quote-tastic/Review-- The Perils of Paulie by Katie MacAlister

Woohoo Katie MacAlister. Yall, I love her books. They're always full of giggles and light hearted fun. This time the hero and heroine are on a reality show that's re-enacting a historical round the world car race with the hero and heroine being on opposing teams. It was just such a fun contemporary with a historical flair.

So this first one. Well, it made me bust out laughing. I know a couple people who talk with their hands and this just about did me in...
We hadn't ever talked about adult devices, and although I had a single woman's usual collection of items that kept me from jumping every man I saw, it hadn't occurred to me that he might have a male-oriented version of my box of toys.

"Do you like toys, too?" I asked inadvertently waggling his penis as I spoke.

"Depends on the toy, and why are you using my dick to gesture with?"

"Oh." I looked down to where I could barely see the dark blob of his body. "I talk with my hands. Sorry. I expect you'd rather have action now than chitchat anyway, right?"

"Are you, by any chance, nervous about something?"

I sighed and gave his penis a friendly "so glad you understand me" squeeze.
And this one. It's a little longer but I had a laugh. This is their first meet. The hero doesn't like being touched by people and, seriously, yall, I can relate. I'm not a fan of people in my bubble. But where it ended. Ha! 
"I don't like...Boundaries are important to me."

"Boundaries?" I asked, confused.

"Personal space." He waves a hand around in front of him. "I am uncomfortable when people I don't know well breach that."


"I'm going to touch you now."

"Very well." He straightened up.

"Well, that's not going to help," I told him.

"What isn't?"

"Standing there all stiff like you're facing the firing squad." I put my hand on his biceps. "Relax. Breathe. Nothing bad is going to happen."


"Well? What are you feeling?" I asked.

He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hungry. I missed breakfast."


"No. I'm sorry."

"I'm not." I took my hands off him, giving him a friendly smile. "It wasn't meant to be erotic, so I think you're fine, mentally speaking, except for the personal space issue, which a lot of people have, to be honest."

"Thank you for that diagnosis. Are you...erm...doing anything for dinner?"

"Good lord, Dixon," I said, feigning amazement. "First you flirt with me, and now you're asking me out to dinner? Whatever will be next? Holding hands in Times Square? Necking in the back of the Thomas Flyer (the car)? Rubbing your naked chest against mine while stoking your hand up my leg, your mouth nibbling on that sweet spot behind my left ear, and your other hand gently, oh so gently toying with my nipple?"

The silence that followed that was really loud.

"That was strangely specific," he said at last.

"Sorry," I said, fanning myself. "I have a very active imagination."

The Perils of Paulie (Matchmaker in Wonderland #4)

I love road trips. I love cheeky characters. And a little, erm, friendly competition. And, yall, this was so cute! The Perils of Paulie was lighthearted, silly-sweet fun. 

The quick of it is that Paulie and Dixon have both found themselves on reality tv show that's reenacting a historical 1908 round the world car race. Complete with antique cars, old fashioned clothes, cut throat competition, and maybe...a little romance. It's an adventure of a lifetime and might just land them more than they bargained for...true love.

These two really were so freaking cute. They're awkward and have a little fire in them. The proper Brit and the American heiress having her first real adventure. They had a fun dynamic between them and some nice little sexy moments. They both kept travel journals during the trip and that's actually how their story was told with them recounting race happenings, their naughty encounters, and such as they sit down and write things out. It was a little different but fun getting both their takes on things. The two were determined to win and really just so stinking cute together. 

And then the race. Complete with bad guys, mishaps, broken down cars, Darth Vader pushing a dog in a stroller and all sorts of round-the-world shenanigans. I grew up driving Studebakers cross country so I could totally relate to that aspect and found it pretty spot on. Love my old cars but they are...finicky. lol I had a great time watching them speed across landscapes and different countries. 

All in all... Romance, adventure, outrageous, cheeky fun. The Perils of Paulie was a hoot.

Sheltered by a strict father, Paulina Rostakova spends her time working for the family business and yearning for some grand adventure. So when contestants are needed for a reality show reenacting an historic 1908 car race across the US, Asia, Russia, and Europe, Paulie jumps at the chance to get behind the wheel of a vintage car.

Dixon Ainslie has nothing to lose by entering the race, except the rut he’s been in since the death of his girlfriend years ago. But as other racers begin to drop out, the producers want Dixon to join forces with Paulie—on one condition: they have to pretend to fall in love and get married.

And as their scripted courtship takes off, Dixon and Paulie will have to take a detour into reality to turn the sparks flying between them into a passion with staying power...

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