Thursday, January 5, 2017

Audio Files-- Wicked Appetite, Wicked Business, & Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich

A little silly, a spot outrageous, and a whole lotta fun. Full of dynamic characters, crazy adventures and a touch of woo-woo these were mysteries that had me craving more. I couldn't not listen to these fast enough and seriously lamented the fact the series isn't finished. lol I decided to do a 'series' review since I binge listened to the series.
The Story:

Basically Lizzy's life has been invaded by a sexy stranger named Diesel, a monkey, a one eyed cat, spells gone wrong and a lot of crazy. Not to mention Diesel's just told her she has enhanced abilities and he's gonna need her help tracking down a set of ancient relics before they fall into the wrong hands...namely the hands of his evil cousin Wulf.

These were so fun! They're light reads/listens and fun goose chase style mysteries. I loved all of the characters and even the "villain" who happens to have a bit of charm.

I simply adored Lizzy and Diesel. Lizzy's a reluctant heroine who so doesn't want the task of saving the world. She just wants to make her cupcakes in peace, man! lol But she does what needs doing and made me smile. And Diesel. Oh man. He's one of those guys you'd want to strangle one minute and lick the next. lol I love them as a team. There's a little sliver of attraction that runs through and eventually some happenings though they're off page.

All three books had entertaining "hunts" for the stones of gluttony (Wicked Appetite), lust (Wicked Business) and greed (Wicked Charm). Hilarious mishaps, the influence of the charms/stones they're hunting, insane sidekicks and villains. They're a hoot. I was a little nervous about Wicked Charms since it's co-written but still just as fun and only a couple writing things that stuck out compared to the first two.

The Narration:

Lorelei King narrated the whole series and absolutely rocked it. I've listened to her narrations on multiple series and she impresses me every time. Smooth narration, perfect pacing, distinct character voices. She hit the humor and silly vibes perfectly and just made the stories so vivid. It really makes for a nice experience. I really flew through these and had the next been available would have started it immediately.


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