Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- Jan 2017

I can't believe another month is up! Jan was a bit of a roller coaster here. I jumped into the new year pretty excited. I've got a lot of goals and plans for the year and I went for them. And it was great. I've actually made a good bit of progress already. And I've been feeling pretty good. Doing some creative things-- hand lettering, bible journaling, planner planning. Which I've enjoyed immensely. It's been really good to let my creative artsy side out in a couple new ways.

But there were a couple sad and scary things on the home front, too. My mom went through a medical scare (first one, thankfully) early in the month-- she's okay! but there was a lot of uncertainty and doctors and it was a bit of a wake up call for both of us. And then we lost a herd babe this past week. Kiwi was an older girl and developed FIP which is pretty much the most horrible thing you can have as a kitty seeing there's no cure or way to prevent it and it moves very rapidly. So the last two weeks of the month life revolved around her. I've gotten a bit behind on blog things because of it but she was the most important thing for us. I'm trying not to dwell and to focus on the positive and get back to normal but wanted yall to know why things haven't been totally smooth going over here.

On the blog front. The blog turned 5 Jan 1st. Crazy! I've been working on some small changes and getting things ready for the year to come. I've gotten into Bookstagraming which I've been enjoying. It's been another creative outlet to explore. Other than that...lots of books and good food were had!

Full list of goals: HERE

And goals with progress:

1. Finish Indexing Blog-- I've kept up with 2017. 
2. Work on Past Due reviews-- 1 down!
4. Work social media-- I started tracking my media
2. Get rid of 1,095 things-- 88 things as of 1/29
3. Walk 2 million steps--not nearly enough but I met my goal steps almost every day and way bypassed a few days which made up fro the light steps.
4. Try 52 new recipes-- 5 tried!-- Texas Caviar (yum), Freekeh Soup (yuck), Garlic Bok Choy, Ribbon potatoes, black bean burgers

My motto for the year is Less Is More.

So far I'm doing good with this! 
  • Blog list-- purged! I started at 330 blogs followed. I'm down to 90!
  • Twitter-- feed trimmed
  • Facebook-- I've been unliking and unfriending and leaving groups I never visit. Mostly the unfriending is people who go by and I have absolutely no idea who they are. And a couple who ONLY post author promo and I've never read them. No...thanks.
  • Shopping-- Blerg. I've done a lot of shopping. But I've tried to shop with purpose in mind and items that will help me with other things I'm working on. So, okay. 

Erms. No new features but I have been slowly making changes to the blog.
A few new graphics and over in the side column you can now see my latest Instagram photos :) Oh! And you can now see what books I'm currently reading/listening to :) 

The first Blog Ahead challenge is open for Sign Ups! HERE

Happening NOW!! Come enter!

Total Reviews: 18
New to Me Authors: 3
Favorite Read: Tie between Accidentally on Purpose, Hard Hitter & On Broken Wings
Towards Challenges: 17




I went on a one-click spree.

Insta-Wed: Week 1 | Week 2


And that's it for January! Did you have a favorite post?

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