Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bujo Ideas-- Ways To Use A Planner!

Something I hear ALL the time is...

"I've always wanted to do a planner like that. I just don't do enough for one."
And I'm all... erms. 
Do you breathe? You need a planner!
(because really everyone needs a pretty planner)

Seriously. This is not your mama's planning. lol

I thought I'd share some of the things I use my planner.
Out of House Events!
I think this is what most people think planners are about.
Personally I don't have a TON of these but I do track both monthly and weekly.
Each weekly spread has something along the lines of the pic on the left.
And I do a monthly spread with a quick timeline of upcoming events and major projects for the month.

This is also great for birthdays, anniversaries and other big events you want to remember.


Daily to do list
A lot of what I use my planner for is my daily to-do lists. Instead of having a scatch sheet of paper I'll do something like this. As things are finished I color in the heart.

Meal Planning
Food and planning! Yes, I do this a lot. I've been attempting meal planning, daily food tracking and then I also have a list of new recipes I've tried for 2017.

Okay so this is probably one of the biggest things in my planner. Blogging and authorly work. I track ALL kinds of things.
Weekly to-do list, social media posting, blog index. Books on my review pile and which reviews still need to be posted.
I also have a monthly spread I use for knowing when a post is done and scheduled.


House To Do List
Sometimes I don't have a specific day to do things so just make a weekly list of household things I need to remember.

Oh and a brain dump. It's great for quick notes.

Reading Things!
I have spreads for all sorts of things like Reading Challenges, my list of what I've read this year by date finished. Plus each week I have a little list of books I'm planning to read. Those get marked off as they're finished.



I'd started this is my main planner but then moved it to it's own little journal recently--honestly I just needed an excuse for a new pretty journal. This can be anything. Financial goals, savings, transactions, etc.

Random Lists
Things like Passwords, Online Orders I've Placed (to make sure they all arrive)
and Freebies/Review books received each week. I just like to see the list. lol

Health and Habits
Any kind of thing you need daily or monthly tracking for.
Fitness, positive thoughts, just for you things, etc.

I try to include a list of things each week that are just for me and for my mental health. Nothing major just little things to do.

Track cleaning, vitamins, exercise, etc.


I also have a be merry box each week. Or sometimes a little more salty with my headings.
I try to mark down one GOOD thing about each day or that I'm thankful for.
It's easy to let a crap day take over and this is my way of making sure I remember life is pretty good.

Other Ideas
tracking daily weather
daily doodles (to get your artistic side involved)
word count for authors

Honestly. There's an endless list of things you can use a planner for. They're all about the individual and easy to customize. I rarely use paper outside of my planner these days. If I need to write it down it usually finds a spot somewhere in my planner either on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly spread. I've basically turned it into a diary/calendar/to do list/scrap book hybrid. lol

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