Thursday, August 3, 2017

4 stars-- Knight on the Texas Plains (Texas Heroes #1) by Linda Broday

Well I'll be adding more of Linda Broday's books to my wishlist. Knight on the Texas Plains... total book goodness.

The Gist: Since his wife's death Duel has given up on life. He's got nothing to live for until one night changes everything and his hands are suddenly full of a whole heap of female he needs to pull his shit together for--a tiny baby girl no one wants and an injured woman with secrets to hide. His only plan? Head back to his family ranch and start trying to heal not just himself but two women who are just as broken and wounded as he is and counting on him.

Oh my word. These two. Duel and Jessie have both been through horrible things. Loss, abuse, hopelessness. They made me hurt for them but also cheer them on as they fought to pull their lives together and overcome what they'd been through. It could be ugly and heartbreaking but was wonderful seeing them heal and get to know one another.

Their romance was very slow going but it suited their situation and made them finally figuring things out even more powerful and moving.

And then there was their little girl. Well, their adopted baby girl who was wagered in a card game and who Duel took in even though he had no clue how to raise a toddler. She was so stinking cute and such a little force that pulled people around her and brought an extended family back together. Animals, too. I loved her whole herd of protectors she'd amassed by the end.

There was some suspense dealing with Jessie's past that had my gut churning. I loved, though, how her new family rallied around her even when she didn't feel she deserved it.

All in all, Knight on the Texas Plains was powerful romance as three broken individuals with nothing to live for found home, hope and love with one another. I teared up a few times, laughed quite a few and would eagerly spend more time with this ragtag pieced together family.

Duel McClain was no knight in shining armor --- he was a drifter who prided himself on having no responsibilities. But a poker game thrust him into the role of father to an abandoned baby, and then a condemned woman stumbled up to his campfire. The fugitive beauty aimed to keep him at shotgun's length, but obvious maternal instincts belied her fierce demeanor. And she and the baby were clearly made for each other. Worse, the innocent infant and the alleged murderess opened Duel's heart, made him long for the love of a real family. And the only way to have that would be to slay the demons of the past.

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