Sunday, August 13, 2017

In My Cart-- Degusta Box #2 -- Food Noms!

So a while back Mary over at Dark Thoughts shared about Degusta boxes. I was like yes, yes, I need to check this out! She is SO good at convincing me I need to try things new things. lol

Basically once a month you're sent a box of random goodies to try. From candy to sauces to cookies and pasta. It's really rather fun seeing what they'll include. Thought I'd share some of the things here!
This was actually my second Degusta box and came back in May.
It was pretty tasty!

These were good. It's one of those when you want a sweet but nothing too sweet treats. They'd be good with hot tea, I think.


Yummy! I've eaten Barilla pasta before but not their pesto.
The last few months I've been obsessed with pesto so that was kind of perfect.
It was pretty good, too. A little salty the first go round with it because I didn't use enough pasta but the second time around I got it right and it was perfect.
I'd eat this again!

Dandies!!!! I love Dandies!
This was a bonus item in the box instead of a full sized pack.
These make it possible for vegetarian me to actually have marshmallows!
I've used them a few times and love them. They come in mini and large.
I get mine at Whole Foods

I'd not tried these tortillas before but, yall, they were good!
I ate the heck out of them. lol
This was the smaller version but perfect for a taco. I just warmed them in a dry frying pan for a handful of seconds on each side.

I make a lot of things with chopped tomatoes so I was excited to see this can from Mutti. I ended up making a sauce with garlic, white beans and the Mutti tomatoes. It was very good! I love the can design as well!

These are good. They're short, only a couple inches long, which was surprising. But they aren't bad. I'm honestly not sure what you're supposed to do with breadsticks. Do you eat them with something or just to much on? lol I munched on them. *shrugs*

I plan on trying all of these still. Just haven't gotten the chance.


Village Harvest Quinoa and Rice (Website)
Soy Vay Asian Honey BBQ Marinade ( Website )
Pure Growth Oatmeal (Website | Amazon)

Since I do have some dietary restrictions (vegetarian) some items do end up getting donated. I'm okay with that. I really wanted to try this lentil soup. I even made the stuff up and then dipped a spoon in and was like omg chicken! I smell chicken bits! lol Yup. it had chicken stock/fat in it so it was taken to the USO the next morning.
Goya Lentil Soup (Website)

Anywho. I'm enjoying the subscription box so far!
It's $20 a month which is a pretty good value for the items.
They're nearly all full sized and total value is above the $20 cost.

If you'd like to try it out you can use my link for $10 off your first box. So it's only $9.99 Not bad!


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