Thursday, August 24, 2017

My eyes! MY EYES!! Where I've Been + Upcoming News!

Hey guys! Now that I have a bit of an answer I thought I'd update yall on a few things.

The last few weeks I've been scarce around the blogisphere. I've had posts going live (yay blog ahead!) and replied to comments but blog visits and social media have been hit or miss. For a couple reasons. But the main one was my eyes. They've been giving me one hell of a time lately. Which resulted in this lovely picture over on the right. lol

Some of yall know but not everyone. The last few months I've been having some eye strain and headaches. Which I thought was just from spending so much time on the computer for work and blog and then reading, too. So I didn't think TOO much about it.

But it kept getting worse and then I was like gah I need to update my prescription for my glasses (about a year and a half out of date), and thinking that had to be what it was.

And that's when they found the problem. My left eye is a champ! It's always been my troublesome one and when I was younger had 2 holes and a tear in the retina and always needed a stronger prescription when I'd go in. Well it was perfectly fine. 20/20 after near 2 years since last checkup. Woo!

Right eye? Well. He's always been the good one and decided nope! Gonna cause trouble. For some reason it refused to focus. No matter the prescription it still looked like it was a good couple years out of date.

So I had to go to a different clinic and get more testing. Took about 20 days to get that appointment (ahhhh!) and in the mean time I started to really need to limit computer/reading time because my eyes just wear out so fast. I can do about 15 minutes online before they start to ache from compensating for what's going on. Which CRAZY limits my blogging since I need to do my authorly work first when I do get on. Reading is way limited, too. Took me like 9 days for one book because my eyes were just too tired.

I went in today and they did an insane number of tests.

  • I had to have my vision field tested to make sure there were no dead or dying zones. I did well. Yay! They basically make you look in a box and then do random dots of lights for 5 minutes. Each time you see a dot you click a button.

  • Then had a VEP test. This is where the trouble showed up. This tested my nerve response which turns out in the right eye is diminished. For this they put electrodes through my hair and on my forehead then I just had to watch a screen with black/white changing shapes while they recorded responses.

  • Then an Electroretinography (ERG) which is similar but electrodes are on your forehead, temples and under your eyes (pic at the top of the page). This one was good and showed my retina are not dying or dead. So. Yay!

Then the dreaded eye dilation. I nearly escaped this but because the VEP was off they needed to do more. And everything was more or less okay.

End result my eyes, after about 10 hours, still look like I've been hitting the catnip hard. My pupils are still HUGE. lol I was informed by the doctor in training who set up my testing I have very soft hair Ha! I was like, um, okay? Good to know? lol And wow they have some crazy tests at the eye doctor! What a weird visit! While we don't have a full answer yet the dr is leaning towards glaucoma spectrum. Not full out glaucoma but glaucoma elements with optic nerve cupping. Something like that. If that's what it is it'll be a fairly easy fix. Just a drop in the eye at night. But they aren't sure yet. I go back in 2 weeks for a retest then again in 6 months. I'm hoping what he does in 2 weeks will make it easier for me to do computer stuff and get back to normal. Overall he didn't seem too concerned. The big scary things-- tumor and needing a neuro consult-- have been taken off the table for now. Woo!

Anywho. So that's what's been going on. Why I haven't been by to visit most of yall as much as I usually do-- I'm trying to get to 5 blogs a day but sometimes I can't even do that. I miss visiting everyone's blogs but my eyes just haven't been on board with it. I also had a vacation in the middle of this (first one in a year+) to get ready for. I'll share about that next weekend, I think. We went to see the eclipse and had an amazing time. I'm hoping things will get back to normal around here soon and really appreciate all of yall who have continued to come by the blog and visit. It really means a lot 💖

Also! The auction kicks off this coming week. Finally! I've started adding the listings to the auction site and will hopefully have all of the rest up by end of tomorrow (I know! more computer time! ahh! lol) Some fun items on the list. Hope you'll come by and bid! It's to benefit the USO where I volunteer. If you'd like to donate something still please email me!

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