Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- August-- Dang Eyes and Reader Flails

Yall. August... was a long month. Whew
  • The SUPPORT THE TROOPS AUCTION ends TONIGHT! You have until 9pm 9/1 to bid. Please come out and help raise donations for the USO! If you can't bid please share the event! 💗 There are things for readers, authors and everyone else. 
  • I'm so behind in visiting yall. I'm sorry! It's been like 2 weeks since I visited blogs because of my eyes wearing out while doing my actual paying work. I'm trying to get back to visiting. Thank yall who have stuck around and kept visiting here. Yall are the best. 
  • I'm revamping my September so fewer posts go live. I tend to post 7 days a week but going to cut back so I have less people to visit back and can catch up. lol 
  • Reading is sucking right now. Usually I read 12-16 books a month. August? I believe was 5. And one was an audiobook and one a novella. I could cry. It's my eyes. I just can't do work, blog, read until things are fixed. 
  • I saw my mom and grandmom! For the first time in a year and one month. It was awesome. We went to SC to see the total eclipse. Which was also awesome. I'll have a post up in September about it. 
  • I turned old, yall. Yes. I'm now officially 35. And grey haired. lol I know, I know. Still 30s and only mid. But for me it hurt a little. Not as bad as 26 but a little pain.
  • I'm trying real hard to be good and do my steps and exercise and actually eat food on a normal schedule. It is NOT easy.
  • I bought a freezer and am couponing like crazy filling it with all kinds of good deals. It's kind of taken the place of reading since reading is too hard on my eyes. 
  • My next eye appointment is later this coming week. Hopefully I'll get some more answers and they can get my eyes working right again :) For info one what's going on go HERE. It's like a science fiction flick. lol

As bad a reading month as it was I still had a great REVIEWING month! I'd read most of these months ago so the blog kept going. Woo!

Total Reviews: 15
New to Me Authors: 7
Favorite Read: Tougher in Texas then Wild Ride Cowboy
Towards Challenges: 15



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