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4 stars-- Dealing with Annie (Cooper's Corner #17) by Jill Shalvis #QuoteTastic

Jill Shalvis!!! So. This one went through my feed the other day on a 99cent sale and I was all OMG how did I not know this book existed?!!

Okay so the hero. He's been injured on the job and banished to his brother's farm and he and Augustine. Well...

"Back off, pig."

Skidding to a halt, she snorted, then pawed at the ground as if in challenge.

He lifted his cane. "It's this or my gun. Have I mentioned I'm fond of bacon?"

Augustine went still, only her snout twitching. 

"Extra crispy," he added.

She snarled, then turned and waddled off, her belly practically dragging on the ground.

"Yeah, not so tough after all, huh?" Ian took the three steps to the porch, nearly whimpering.
And this made me laugh. Thomas is Ian's older brother and he's determined for Ian to relax and stop working. 
"Look, you’re a workaholic to the point of not having a life. Now there’s a beautiful woman right across the road, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. You nearly broke your neck earlier watching her. So why don’t you try real hard and see if you can come up with something to do with her rather than work. Hand over your gun.” 

Ian swore, then reached for the gun he’d had stashed in a shoulder harness beneath his shirt. He slapped it into his brother’s hand. 

Thomas set it on the table and put his hand back out. 

“What now?” Ian ground out. 

“Your knife.” 

With an eye roll, Ian bent—and swore again, as that hurt like hell—pulling the knife from his boot. “Happy, Mom?” 

“No, since I know you’re still holding back.” He wiggled his fingers. “Don’t make me strip-search you.” 

Ian stared at him, then pulled another knife out of his other boot and slammed it into the waiting hand. "Give me a week and I swear, I'm going to kick your ass for this."

"It's a date. Now, go smile and make merry with Annie."

Yay! I love Jill Shalvis. Yall. She's just so dang fun. If you haven't read her yet you need to. I was super excited when I spotted Dealing with Annie recently. I was all wha?!! A Shalvis I don't know about??! *one-click* And it's a cute novella with all of Shalvis's usual charm. 

The Gist: Ian's been injured in the line of duty and pretty much dragged away from the city and off to his brother's farm in the *gasp* country to recoup. Complete with wide open spaces, a bossy older brother, a pot bellied pig nemesis, an oh so delectable neighbor named Annie and a bit of drama that's hounding her heels. 

Annie and Ian were a fun couple. Both a bit stubborn, both a bit out of sorts, both itching to see the other naked. lol They were cute as they danced around each other and got caught up in some hinky happenings around her place-- prank calls, treats, etc. Totally got his supposed-to-be-recovering-DEA-agent spidey senses tingling. 

There's a little suspense that kept me guessing. And a lot of chemistry that heated things up nicely. All in all it was a cute novella.

**Note-- This is a multi author series and works fine as a standalone novella. It's also a re-release from back in 2003.
Danger comes to Cooper's Corner…

Annie Hughes had become the Martha Stewart of cosmetics. But when DEA agent Ian McCall warned Annie that her company was the target of sabotage—and that she was in danger— she wouldn't listen. Then Annie disappeared. And only Ian could rescue her.

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