Saturday, August 12, 2017

In My Cart-- Herd Babe Supplies

One of my goals this year is herd babe enrichment. I want them to be happier. So I've been trying out some items. Here's what I thought!

EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

 This was an awesome buy! I saw a video on Facebook of a cat chilling in one in a car and I looked it up and got one for BabyG. And she freaking LOVES it. It's on my upstairs bathroom window and she can watch the front yard. It's held on with three incredible suction cups. How they hold it up without any issues I have no idea but it's been a couple months and not even moved a smidge.


Worth it? Yes! AWESOME BUY! I'm so glad I got one and plan to order more (one for each house window)  AMAZON

*the green is currently out of stock except for a VERY expensive 3rd party. The brown one is reasonable. I would pay $35 or less for this item if you go to buy one. Check the prices. They come back in stock often.

EZ Mount Self-Grooming Brush

This is supposed to attach to a glass door or something similar. They can rub on it and supposedly like it. Not one baby in my herd-- and yall know I have a crew-- gave it any attention. It's been months and nothing. Not their thing apparently. lol

Worth it? NOPE! Big fail! (AMAZON)

SmartCat Cat Climber

This is supposed to attach to your door. I'm attaching it to a wall instead. I figured some vertical space would be nice for the herd.

Worth it? Up for debate. It looks good. But we shall see. (AMAZON)

Sentry Calming Collars

OMG best thing I've EVER bought! Gladys. I love her. But she's a difficult child. She does NOT like to share her mama. She does NOT like new additions to the house. She's screech like you're killing her. It's horrible. When Addi joined the family last October it got really bad. We've been having 6-10 bad fights a day. 

A cat blogger I follow mentioned trying these and I decided to try them out. 

They're AMAZING! I slipped them on three of the group-- Gladys, Fran and Cypress and the results were insane. Instead of 6-10 fights a day we went to none. NONE! Yall. We had some peace. They did give each other the stink eye but it was nothing compared to what we'd been having. 

They last almost exactly a month. That last day the fights started again like clockwork. They're lavender scented which took some getting used to but that's okay.

Worth it? YES! I now have these on automatic subscription. (AMAZON)

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