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#AFTH2015 w/ Jenna Sutton--Candy Canes vs Romance Heroes

We've got Jenna Sutton joining us today. She's a fairly new author and whew! her first book was full of awesome and surrounds a family that owns a jeans company. I had such a good time with it. Book two was really damn good, too!

Anywho. Yall check out her post then hit those comments and leave her some love :) She's got a fun post for yall :) ~anna

Happy Holidays!

I’m Jenna Sutton, and I write contemporary romances. I want to give a big thanks to Anna and the Herding Cats & Burning Soup team for letting me participate in this year’s Authors for the Holidays.

My first book, All the Right Places, debuted in June. It’s part of series based on a denim empire called Riley O’Brien & Co., and the second book, Coming Apart at the Seams, came out earlier this month. It received 4 out of 5 cats here at Herding Cats & Burning Soup and was chosen for the Quote-tastic feature. (anna here real quick book 2 was awesome too!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that Christmas and Hanukkah are over. And I’m happy that 2016 is just a couple of days away. But, the remnants of the holiday season are still hanging around—literally—in the form of candy canes.

Candy canes are such a ubiquitous element of the holidays, yet they don’t receive the same amount of attention as snowmen, Christmas trees, or Santa Claus. Even mistletoe rates higher than candy canes, and I don’t understand why. Sure, it’s nice to share a peck or two under the mistletoe, but when you think about it, candy canes deserve more respect and appreciation than mistletoe, which is nothing more than a poisonous, parasitic plant.

As you can tell, I like candy canes. You might even call me a candy cane enthusiast. And while I recently enjoyed a piece of striped, curved deliciousness, it occurred to me that candy canes and romance heroes have a lot in common.

You may not believe me, but it’s true. Below, I’ve detailed five things candy canes and romance heroes have in common.

1. They come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors—Candy canes offer a lot of variety. From the tiny, J-curved candy canes that teachers give out as treats to huge, stick-shaped candy canes that win records (the longest candy cane was 51 feet long), candy canes come in many shapes and sizes. And though the most common and traditional candy cane flavor is peppermint, every year, a new flavor of candy cane hits the market. How does a bacon-flavored candy cane sound to you? Likewise, today’s romance novels feature a diverse range of heroes—from billionaires with a dominating streak to bikers with a sensitive side, there’s a hero for every reader.

2. They’re not just decorative—While a lot of people see candy canes purely as ornamentation, hanging them on Christmas trees and adhering them to holiday wreathes, it’s important to remember that candy canes are not just decorative; they’re also edible. Similarly, the best romance heroes don’t just look good; they have substance. Beyond those broad shoulders, ripped abs, and tight ass, there’s a gleam of intelligence and a loving heart.

3. They’re lickable—Candy canes are hard and crunchy, and some people like to gnaw on these treats. Personally, I think there are more effective ways to enjoy candy canes, using my tongue rather than my teeth. I feel the same way about romance heroes. The best ones are lickable and deserve to be savored.

4. They make your lips tingle and your tongue burn—Assuming that your candy cane of choice is peppermint-flavored, you can be sure that it will make your lips tingle and your tongue burn. It’s the menthol in the peppermint that creates the effect. Romance heroes also make your lips tingle and your tongue burn. And the best ones—the most memorable ones—make your entire body tingle and burn.

5. They’re not something you want to share—Candy canes are so yummy that sharing is a not an option. You want your candy cane all to yourself, and if someone is hungry for the sweet and spicy taste a candy cane provide, she can find her own. The same goes for romance heroes—they aren’t meant to be passed around like chips and dip. You want to keep the good ones all to yourself. You certainly don’t want to share.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review my supposition, I’d love to know if you agree with me. Better yet, maybe you can think of other things that candy canes and romance heroes have in common. Share your comments below.

By the way, my husband insisted that include a sixth commonality between candy canes and romance heroes: when you’re done, your hands are sticky. (Oh, yeah, he’s definitely on the naughty list).

  • The first candy cane was made over 350 years ago.
  • The original candy cane had a shape different then the modern day design. It was straight, pure white, and hard.
  • The first historical reference in America to the candy cane dates back to 1847. A German immigrant from Wooster, Ohio, decorated his Christmas tree with candy canes.
  • The red and white striped candy canes were first made around 1900.
  • More than 1.76 billion candy canes are made each year.
  • Nearly 2 billion candy canes will be sold in the four weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah.Source:

A sexy football player who wants a second chance + a determined denim heiress who wants nothing to do with him = a lot of heat, heartbreak, & a hard-won happily ever after.

contemporary romance, jenna sutton
Teagan O’Brien, heiress to the Riley O’Brien & Co. denim empire, is anything but a spoiled rich girl. She’s worked hard to secure her place in the family business and can hold her own, in and out of the office. Only one man has ever been able to get under her skin—sexy football star Nick Priest. Years ago they crossed the line from friends to lovers, but he left her heartbroken. Since then, she’s been determined to keep him at arm’s length—no matter how tempting he looks in his jeans…

Nick has fortune, fame, and looks that make most women hot and bothered. But he doesn’t have the woman he really wants. He knows he screwed up when he walked away from Teagan, and now that he has a second chance, he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over—no matter how tongue-tied he gets…

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Jenna Sutton spent most of her career as an award-winning journalist covering business-related topics including healthcare, commercial real estate, retail, and technology. 
Nowadays she writes about hot, lovable guys and the smart, sexy women who make them crazy. It’s the culmination of a lifelong dream, and she feels so lucky to be able to do it. 
Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Texas Christian University and a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. 
She and her husband live in Texas in a 103-year-old house affectionately known as "The Money Pit".

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