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#CountdownToChristmas--4 stars--Crashed Out (Made in Jersey #1) by Tessa Bailey

Oh my god. I would love for one of Bailey's heroes to come talk dirty in my ear. *shivers* The things he said! Whew, girl. Tingles. Yeah. Lotta tingles. lol Crashed Out will make you swoon!

Okay so the quick of it is that Sarge made it big as a musician after leaving his small Jersey town. For the last few years has been on the road with his band and not come home to visit his family. But he has helped them financially so he's not been totally absent. Now though. It's Christmas and the band is on a break in order to make a big decision and regroup and he's come home to spend time with the people he loves most-- his sister and niece. Too bad she gave him the brush off when he got home and sent him packing. Well, sent him to stay with her best friend and the woman he's had a serious crush on for years.
"What does that mean?" River murmured, still focused on the clipboard.

Jasmine heaved in a deep breath. "It means, he--we--there was...physical contact. Of the biblical variety. Like, we're not in Revelations yet, but we're moving pretty quickly through the Old Testament." And oh man, the impact of what she'd done hadn't fully registered until River's blue eyes went wide enough to damn near swallow her face. Jasmine rushed to release more words, just to delay whatever River's response would be. "He just kept coming at me, Riv." I...he's nothing like the Sarge I remember. One minute he was, like, hey, eat this sandwich, and then there were no clothes. Just none."
These two were interesting. Sarge has had it bad for Jasmine for most of his life. She's it for him. He knows it. She...doesn't. And add in the fact she's 7 years older and best friends with his sister...well. She's put him firmly in the no way, no how category. The boy definitely has to work for it. And yummy bit of man candy that he is he does it with style and some seriously sexy swagger. I was really loving everything about him.
"No more fixing me sandwiches. No more ruffling my goddamn hair." He reached down and grasped her hand, bringing it to the back of his head, moving it in a messy circle. "If I ever feel your fingers in my hair again, they'd better be pulling my face closer to whatever I'm licking."
The heat. Holy freaking hell. Bailey does NOT skimp when it comes to turning up the heat and making a girl squirm! Sarge may be young--22--but oh he knows what he wants and will tell a girl in gloriously pervy detail. Like make your breath catch and your toes curl detail. Yeah. I totally wanted to lick him and his filthy mouth. lol

What didn't work for me? Not a whole lot but I did have trouble with their names. Neither really suited their names I didn't think--Jasmine and Sarge. They just felt off. I know they'll work for others but they bothered me. I really didn't love a secondary storyline with his sister, either. She already has me curling my lip in distaste. I'm real nervous about her book since it's a trope I hate with a fucking passion. She was a small part in this one but I can already feel myself working up a good mad. lol

All in all, though, Crashed Out was classic Tessa Bailey. Sexy, captivating, and fun with all the delicious dirty talking a girl could hope for. Add in the hardcore #Covergasm and I was one seriously happy reader-girl.

Older heroine-young hero? Do you like the combo? Any recs?
Who are your favorite dirty talkin' heroes?

Jasmine Taveras is the reason Sarge Purcell grabbed his six-string and bailed the hell out of New Jersey four years ago. She's the fuel for every song he's ever written-each one laced with bitter, hard-edged, hungry lust. Now, with his hugely successful band is on temporary hiatus, Sarge is determined to prove to Jasmine that this "kid" turned into every inch the man she's always needed...

Men are slim pickings for a single factory girl in Hook, New Jersey...until tall, broad-shouldered hotness walks-or rather storms-into Jasmine's life. Sarge's return shouldn't affect her this way. He's her best friend's much younger kid brother, and the kind of rough, gritty, sexiness Jasmine has no right to taste for herself. Even if he lets her.

But lust is a blinding, insatiable force. And when it crashes, it will take both Sarge and Jasmine down with it...

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