Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Monthly Herd--December 2015--it's OVER!

It's over? Really? Doesn't seem like that's possible does it? 2015 was quite the year. Lots of great things and some heartache too. I'm kind of glad it's over and ready for a fresh year.

It was a warm Christmas here and I've decided I'll be damned if I'm taking my Christmas decorations down before I actually get some Christmas weather. None of this 75 degree mess we had. I left Florida for a reason, people! lol It was still a very nice Christmas with time at the USO and heading out to dinner with two reader friends which was fun.

Other than that it was pretty quiet. Lots of time at the USO and herd babes to this vet and that vet. 
I also did an update on my 2015 Blogger Goals. I did pretty good! Now on to 2016!

Erm. Lots of challenges kick off tomorrow.
Everyone is welcome to join in! Lowest level for each is 6 books for the year.



Total Reviews: 15
New to Me Authors: 4
Favorite Read: Once Touched & I'll Be Home for Christmas
Towards Challenges: 15

Erm. There were a LOT of them.
Authors for the Holidays happened.

K.Bromberg | Emma Chase | Jenna Sutton | Shayla Black & Lexi Black

The giveaway (lots of signed books & swag & such) is still going! It ends 1/7 to check it out!

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