Tuesday, December 29, 2015

4 stars-- Shameless (Bitter Creek #14) by Joan Johnston

Shameless was like walking straight into a soap opera and, oh man, it was just as addictive! Scandal, drama, and romance abound!

The quick of it is that Pippa has found herself an unwed pregnant teenager. And life in their remote Australian town is pretty much hell for her. So when the offer to uproot and move back to America is offered by her long estranged grandfather her dad takes it. Does it solve all of their problems? Not by a long shot. Now she's got hostile aunts to deal with, frustrations with her daddy over her baby and one very intriguing stranger with a menagerie of animals that's complicating her life right good.

I really liked both Pippa and Devon. She may be young (19) but Pippa had a kind heart and unending patience and resolve. She chose a hard route in life but she didn't let it keep her down and was determined to do what she thought was right including keeping her baby when other discouraged her. And Devon was a quiet soul. He's a loner and keeps mainly to his ranch. He works hard, cares for his animals and is always there for wounded critters in need of a safe haven. Including Pippa who desperately needs a place to stay while she sorts out her future.

They were good pairing. Had great chemistry and worked well together on his ranch. I enjoyed seeing them walk the fine line between keeping things friendship only and letting their attraction take over. There's a little bit of heat but not too much. Mostly just longing and trying not to let things go too far while she's vulnerable. Plus the whole fact that their families hate each other...

Now. About those families and the drama. Holy cow. There was a lot of back drama between their two families. Old rivalries and vendettas, affairs, fiercely kept secrets, love childs, supposed deaths, broken hearts and so much stubborn it'll make your head spin. I can't say any of the secondary characters really made me want to read their stories. I enjoyed Shameless but other than Pippa and Devon there weren't a lot of redeeming qualities that endeared me to the people in their lives. It did make for some great reading though waiting to see what would happen next! lol There was a lot of chaos surrounding these two for sure.

All in all, I enjoyed Shameless. A slower going romance and characters with kind hearts and gentle souls. They both had a lot to work through and hard discoveries to make. They weren't perfect but they were interesting and doing their best. A worthwhile read!

** It may be book 14 (listings were weird on that) but it works fine as a stand alone.
Scorned, pregnant, and facing a life without promise, Pippa Grayhawk is stunned when her father announces that they’re leaving their home in Australia to take over his estranged father’s sprawling Wyoming ranch. Drawn into bitter family rivalries and feeling like an interloper in her new home, Pippa rides out into the wilderness and meets an intriguing stranger and his pet wolf. The wolf doesn’t scare her, but she’s very much afraid to trust another man with her heart.

Devon Flynn knows all about going it alone. He lives in an isolated cabin, away from his domineering father and the scandal surrounding his family. Devon’s attraction to Pippa is intoxicating and undeniable, but when he tries to get close, she’s as wary as his once-wild wolf. Devon is willing to defy his father, and hers, to claim Pippa as his own, but winning this wounded, wonderful woman’s love might be the greatest battle of all.

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