Tuesday, December 15, 2015

4 stars--Dragon Storm (Black Dragons, #2) by Katie MacAlister

Woohoo! Dragons! Gah I love their cocky asses. And Constantine...oh what a fine ass he had. lol

The quick of it is that dragonkin have a problem. They've been cursed so that none of the dragon septs are able to talk to each other and they've got to find a way to break this curse. Enter Bee...A Charmer. It's her job to unravel the curse. Only things go askance and she gets trapped in Abaddon (hell) in the process and rescued by the aforementioned dragon of the fine ass...Constantine who's a kinda dead dragon spirit and determined to save the dragons. It's...complicated. There's a talking severed head in a hamster ball too. *nods* Complicated.

I had fun with Con and Bee. They bicker and have a little grrr arg at each other but they were a good time. Had nice chemistry and are a little goofy. Constantine is definitely a favorite. He's rather ostracized from other dragons because of, well, he'd say ancient history, but it's left him lonely. I loved seeing him get his chance and find someone who was in his corner. They were a nice pair and fun to be around. Plus...Lots of sexy toy talk and severed head adoption and demons and dragons. Dragons everywhere. Ahhh!
"I keep thinking that this is wrong, and I should stop but then I see your chest and arms and shoulders, and I just want to bite you."

"Really?" Constantine pulled back, his eyes bright with interest and passion. 
The suspense, well, it's best to have read these in order. Really this is a mini series inside a larger series (each color of dragons has had 3-4 books). There's a complete HEA but the suspense storyline does carry over from the previous book and continues on into the next. Bottom line. The suspense was great. Demon suck. One in particular needs to be run over by a truck. Hopefully we'll get to that next time. lol

Dragon Storm was a wacky silly ride. If you love paranormal romance with a little quirky fun and have a thing for cocky dragons...this one's for you.

According to some (including himself), Constantine is one of the greatest heroes of dragonkin who ever lived. Too bad he's now lonelier than ever and his biggest adventure involves a blow-up sheep-until he has an opportunity to save his kind once again. All Constantine has to do is break into a demon's dungeon, steal an ancient artifact, and reverse a deadly curse. The plan certainly does not involve rescuing a woman . . .

Bee isn't sure whether to be infuriated or relieved when Constantine pops up in her prison. The broody, brawny shifter lights her fire in a way no one ever has before, yet how far can she really trust him? Their chemistry may be off the charts, but when push comes to shove, Constantine will have to make a crucial choice: to save the dragons or the woman he's grown to love with fierce intensity.

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