Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top 20 (ish) Reads of 2015!

As part of Authors for the Holidays I'm doing some random posts just from mwah! And one of those favorite reads from this past year. Gah! There were so many. But limiting it to 20..ish. Heh

Would love to hear if you've read any of them! ~anna

This was my only 5 star read for 2015.
I was just blown away. It's not my typical genre but gah amazing.
This one is historical fiction and centers around the women who built a stained glass chapel for the Chicago World's Fair.


Break Me Down--Kinky novella with a Domme and male sub 

Asking For It--Edgy! Explores rape fantasy 

At Wolf Ranch--cowboys and suspense!


The Drifter--beautiful historical western 

A Bad Boy for Christmas-- He calls her cupcake *aw* Best Christmas read 

Nice Girls Don't Ride--So fun! Novella kinda like Before Sunrise the movie 


Nauti Deceptions--fantastic end to the series, 11 year age difference, sexy dominance

Ironic--Sexy, hilarious kinky short story 

Give It All-- Crass bar owning heroine vs Posh British OCD hero who loves cats

Bringing Home the Bad Boy-- Widowed single daddy and his wife's best friend. LOTS of feels


One Night with a Billionaire-- best billionaires, curvy size 18 heroine

Ink & Bone-- YA alternative history--the Library controls all books. it's dark and gritty and amazing.

Nothing Between Us-- there's some voyeurism. there's some kink. there's a menage. and some male on male loving too. So damn good.

Brash-- Fantastic enemies to lovers. Maybe even a restraining order


Hero-- more enemies to lovers. and she has to work for him. lots of yummy sex :)

All the Right Places--Charming and quirky, set in a blue jeans company

Desperado--this book was made for me. they're in an 'old west' type competition.


Call On Me-- spirited shameless hero vs 

Do Not Forsake Me-- it's a married couple 26 years later, old west, amazing family

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride--this one left me sobbing. it's an amazing romance but such a devastating time in history.


Crosstown Crush--cuckolding kink! how...different! A married couple exploring his fetish. Crazy hot.

Wolf Trouble-- werewolf SWAT team! omg! and now a female wolf joining the ranks of 16 alpha werewolf males. So good!

Riding Dirty-- hot, dirty & shiverworthy. a little taboo romance, a sexy biker


Homemade Decadence--absolutely delicious!
 (Review | Amazon)

Sugar Rush--This was a great how-to kind of cookbook

And those are my top reads for 2015! Have you read any of them?

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