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Atonement (Beartooth, Montana #4) by B.J. Daniels

"Just what I expect from Daniels... intriguing characters, exciting mystery and just a wonderful story that pulled me in, kept me excited and left me completely satisfied." ~herding cats & burning soup
Protecting the citizens of Beartooth, Montana, is never an easy job. One year later, Sheriff Dillon Lawson still feels guilty that he couldn't save his twin brother, Ethan. But the biggest test of his bravery comes when Tessa Winters arrives, claiming to be pregnant…with Ethan's baby. At first, Dillon can't decide if this beautiful woman is a con artist or a victim. If Ethan didn't die in that car crash, then where is he—and why is he hiding?

Now, Dillon is prepared to do anything to uncover the truth…anything except admit his growing feelings for Tessa. But with violence threatening, Tessa and Dillon must trust in each other to save not only themselves…but also Tessa's unborn child.

Type: Mystery, very light romance
Heat: 1.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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When I'm looking for something I know I'm just gonna love one of the ones I reach for is BJ Daniels. She's just a comfort read for me. And Atonement filled that niche perfectly with an excellent mystery, danger and a couple sweet romances to top it all off. And. Not gonna even lie. I petted him just a bit when the UPS guy handed him over. *nods* That is one damn gorgeous cover.

So the quick of it. There's a lot happening in this one as it follows two separate couples and the mysteries they're each trying to unravel. For Dillon and Tessa--finding his twin brother who he thought was dead but has been living under an assumed name and just left Tessa pregnant and wanting answers. And for Nettie and Frank--the disappearance of his ex-wife and all the troubles she brought down around them.

Dillon and Tessa--I loved these two. From the first meet of Tessa mistaking Dillon for his twin brother Ethan and letting her ire flow to their struggles over their attraction to each other. And just...them. They're both great people in an awkward situation of falling for someone a little off bounds because of her connection to his brother Ethan. They both had to grow quiet a bit during their ordeal and really let go of the past and the hurts that held them down and I loved seeing both come alive with each other. Though the romance is incredibly innocent (and closed doors) there were some very sweet moments--dancing in the kitchen, just talking, etc between them that just had me smiling. They also worked well as a team. I loved her spunk and that she wouldn't be left behind and his willingness to see her as an equal in the search for the truth of Ethan's disappearance.

Then there was...

Nettie and Frank--The secondary romance between Nettie and Frank was nice as well. These two are older and in love and finally making it happen. Their story, I'm guessing, was told in part in the previous books but it was easy to figure out the drama that had occurred earlier on with his ex-wife causing troubles, nearly killing Nettie and setting his daughter against him. They were both wonderful characters as well and just made me smile with how they thought of each other and how being with the other made them feel young again. Nettie had a couple moments where I wanted to go 'Nooooo! Don't do that!' in regards to the investigations but overall I enjoyed their story as well and watching it unfold.

The mysteries were excellent. Exciting and intriguing. Daniels kept me on my toes and turning the pages wanting to see what would happen next and what twists and turns would be thrown into the mix. I love that feeling! Some things surprised the heck out of me. Some broke my heart--especially those as Dillon learns of his twin brother. And some had me taking a deep breath and counting to 10 because, whew, some people just need a good slap. While I wish a couple things had been a little different--things with Ethan (that just broke my heart)--both were handled incredibly well and nicely concluded.

All in all, I really enjoyed Atonement. It was just what I expect from Daniels... intriguing characters, exciting mystery and just a wonderful story that pulled me in, kept me excited and left me completely satisfied.

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Have you read Daniels?
Do you have a favorite comfort type read? Ones that are just easy to sink into?

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