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Quote-tastic (48)--Feeling up your...back? + giveaway!

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So this week's pick is The Wedding Favor. I loved this book. It was so fun and one of those enemies to lovers storylines. So much snarky awesomeness but also some incredibly touching and heartbreaking ones as well. And steamy! It really had a bit of it all. Anyways. This is from fairly early on in the book--they're having to play nice at a wedding they're both attending-- and the two are having a moment. They really love pushing each others buttons.

Annnnd as a bonus today! Cara's giving away 2 SIGNED print copies of The Wedding Favor! Woot! So, check out this week's quote and leave your own favorite quote to enter :)

The song ended, and without an excuse to hold on to Vicky any longer, he let her go. Took a step back. And watched her gaze travel down to his crotch.

The she looked up into his eyes and a smile spread across her face; her blue eyes crinkled in delight.

Damn it, he needed to nip this in the bed. His brows slammed together. "You should be ashamed of yourself," he said, "rubbing up against me like that. What did you think would happen? I'm only a man, a heterosexual man." He made himself look scandalized. "And you talk about Annemarie."

Her mouth fell open. "You were grinding against me." she shot back. "And... feeling me up."

"Feeling you up? How could I feel you up when your chest was mashed up against me like you were trying to climb inside my shirt?"

Outrage widened her eyes. "I was not trying to climb inside your shirt! And you were feeling up my back."

He looked pitying. "Vicky, honey, it's not possible to feel up a back. It's sad to think your experience is so limited that you got turned on by my hand resting there, but believe me, that was not sex."

They'd kept their voices low but she was close to cutting loose, so he tugged her into his arms for another dance, waltzing her out of range of Matt and Isabelle, who'd joined the small group on the terrace.

She didn't pull away, but she hissed like a cat. " I didn't say it was sex!"

"Well, sweetheart, maybe the rules are different in New York, but where I come from, feeling up is foreplay. So is grinding your pelvis into the man you're dancing with. Now, as far as that goes, being a gentleman, I'm willing to make allowances for your sheltered upbringing. But if you want some advice, you'll be careful with those signals you're sending out. Another man might call you a tease."

Her chest heaved against his, because of course he'd pulled her in tight again. God, he got such a kick out of stirring her up.

"Tyrell Brown," she squeezed through her teeth, "you are either the dumbest man I've ever met, or the biggest fattest liar. Either way, I'm not attracted to you, and I'm not trying to tease you. That boner of yours--and yes, I can still feel it down there--is your doing, not mine."

"And it's turning you on, isn't it?"

Her breath caught, a sexy little sound of surprise that zinged through his groin. she started to raise her head, probably to bite out his heart and spit it on the group, but his hand shot up and pinned her face to his chest. "Easy there, sugar. We can't have you pulling my clothes off out here in public."

"In your dreams." It came out "In your threamth" since her cheeks were flattened by his palm. 

He swallowed a laugh, filled his voice with regret. " I know this'll be hard to hear, and I'm sorry about it, I truly am, but I can't have sex with you tonight." She sputtered into his shirt. "It's not that you're not pretty, in a skinny, smarty-pants kind of way. I't just that, well, under the circumstances we don't need the complications. You falling head over heels, I mean."

That did it. The fingers resting on the back of his neck, the same fingers that had toyed with his collar during the last song, turned into pincers. The Vulcan death grip shot a pain through his shoulder that made him drop his hand from her face. She reared back.
'You"--she gnashed her teeth-- "are an idiot."

"Smile." he said. "Your brother's right behind you."

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