Monday, March 24, 2014

Just a little bit of random: What would YOU like to see on herding cats?

*waves* afternoon yall! Just wanted to check in and say hi :) How're yall doing?? It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks here with house stuff, herd babies, a couple bloggy events happening. I'm so ready for a nap. Or two. lol

With the new month almost here I thought I'd start planning my non-review posts for April! Lordy I can't believe it's almost April!

Anyways. I thought it might be fun to see if there were things as readers/bloggers and/or authors you might like to see on herding cats.

I like to keep a mix of things going along with my reviews and am always looking for new topics or ideas to add in to things. So here's your chance! Either completely new things that aren't already done on the blog or if you have a suggestion for a theme for one of our current posts let me know!

Things that happen pretty often...

  • Reviews/Guest Posts/Interviews--pretty constant
  • Tasty Delights--cooking adventures (1-4 times per month)
  • Quote-tastic--favorite quotes (every Mon)
  • Tuesday Jams--music I'm listening too right now (every Tues)
  • Cat Thursday--all (every Thurs)
  • Must Reads!--reading suggestions I think everyone should check out (once a month-ish)
  • Randomly Random--just that. Randomly random stuff that pops in my head. (random but trying for once a month now)
Things I'm thinking on doing...
  • A monthly "bucket list" item--something on my list I want to do/try and...well...doing it! 
  • A monthly or bimonthly recap of all the things I've been tagged in or had shared with me because "it so reminded me of you" on FB/twitter/Pinterest. Yall, smh, I'm scared to look sometimes. lol

So, what say you?

Readers... is there a type of post you'd like to see in regards to books and authors?
Bloggers...anything you'd like to see more on the blogging side of things?
Authors...what types of things do you like seeing on a review blog?

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