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Herding Cats & Burning Soup Must Reads! Contemporary

A bit back I was asked about doing some favorites lists. 
Books or authors I think should be on everyone's tbr pile.

And so... Herding Cats & Burning Soup Must Reads! 
(figured that was more, erm, appropriate? than my first go of...You need to read these fucking books!)

Some are single books. Some entire series.

The lists are fluid. I'll update and change them as I read new books. 
So check back now and again.
(Lists will be docked in the drop down menu right up....there!)

Aaaaaand kicking it favorite contemporary romances I think everyone should know!
Every. Single. Book.

Yall know I don't give out 5 stars easily. And yet. Out of the first 6 books 5 got a 5 star from me. Crazy.
The town is just so fun and crazy and endearing. The romances steamy and sweet.
They make me laugh. Cry. Gigglesnort. And are just the best contemporaries out there.


Simply Irresistible    Amazon | Review
The Sweetest Thing Amazon | Review
Head Over Heels     Amazon | Review
Lucky In Love           Amazon | Review
At Last                      Amazon | Review
Forever and a Day   Amazon | Review
There was just something about this one. Right from the start I was in love with these two as the heroine wrote to the hero for years as she grew up and he was deployed. Lord. Even now I'm tearing up a little. 
Well done, Mallery!

It had a little more heat than I was expecting and I loved that. Mainsteam but good.

Seriously each time I meet one of her heroes I way she'll ever top him as my favorite! 
And then... in the next book...she does. lol

It's just a great family and the men are sex walking. 

My favorites are book 2 and 3 but all are good.
They can be read as stand alones as well.


From This Moment On  --- Amazon | Review
Can't Help Falling In Love--Amazon | Review

Dirty. Talkers.
Seriously. Best. Dirty. Talkers. Ever.

No. Really. Fucking amazing dirty talkers. She's the Queen of Dirty Talkers. Period.

Protecting What's His  Amazon | Review
His Risk to Take          Amazon | Review
Officer Off Limits         Amazon | Review
Asking for Trouble       Amazon | Review
Foodie romance at it's best! 
They're fun and sweet and have some sexy going on too.
One of my favorite ever scenes with a hero and some anti-pea feelings.


Love on the Line Amazon | Review
Drawing the Line Amazon | Review
Outside the Line  Amazon | Review
Books 1-3. Loved em. They're hilarious and sweet and heartfelt. Easy romances. 
An absolutely insane extended family that's quirky and endearing and makes you want to be a part of the family. Just an excellent mix of lighthearted and serious.
The ones after these three didn't quite work for me but this trio was excellent.


Exclusively Yours   Amazon | Review
Undeniably Yours   Amazon | Review
Yours to Keep        Amazon | Review
                            Amazon Bundle
Okay. A few from Foster. She writes some great contemporary romances.

Jude's Law/Murphy's Law
I just loved the guys in this one. Easy romance. Fun. A wee bit sexy. Good times.

Jude's Law        Amazon | Review
Murphy's Law    Amazon | Review

Just a Hint--Clint by Lori Foster
Part of her Visitation, NC series.

The hero. He just undid me. 

There's a scene where he's comforting the heroine after she was rescued and they're sitting on the bathroom floor and she's totally panicking over her hair and not being able to do it she's so shook up so he sits there and this big hulking bruiser of a man braids it for her. 

I fell in love with him right then and there.

Brava Brothers Series

This is two brothers and a sister. I just loved them. There's something about this group that's just comforting to me. From heroes to heroines. I've re-read them all and that's not usually something I do.

Plus Grace--the heroine in book one--is a larger girl.
She was the first heroine I can remember that had curves and I loved how it was done.

I kinda like the covers too even though I rant about inanimate opjects on covers.
On these it works. And it's sexy too!

Too Much Temptation Amazon | Review
Never Too Much         Amazon | Review
I'm Your Santa             Amazon | Review
While not all of the books in the series totally work for me this one was a gut wrencher and just amazing. 
The hero is so beyond broken and wounded and seeing the two together and eventually healing from a mutual loss was incredible. Got a 5 star from me. I loved it!

Molly Harper is freaking hilarious. She's always a good time. 
I don't know what it is exactly about this one but I loved it. 
And years later still think about it.

Amazon | Review
I read this one...ages ago. And then re-read it. it again.
It's a very light quick read. Light romance as well. Just a tiny bit steamy.
The heroine heads to Alaska with her dog buying a cabin sight unseen and it turns out to be...very rustic.
And comes with one sexy lumberjack-ish neighbor.

I don't know why but this one is just a comfort read for me. 
I chuckle and tear up just a little bit.
And always leave it feeling happy.

So. That's my top Contemporaries (for now) that I think everyone should give a look at.
I know I've probably missed some I just adore and I'll add those in as I stumble on them. 

If you've got a suggestion for a Must Reads! list let me know!
I've got them planned for the major romance genres, my favorite herding cats posts 
and an overall authors list.

But any specifics you wanna hear just shout!

So. Who is on YOUR contemporary MUST READ! list?

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