Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Jams--Fuel

Sooo. My friend Sharonda over at Salacious Reads does this Meme-- Tuesday Jams-- where you share a song or band or what-have-you that's been on your LOVE list lately. 

If you want to join in check out her blog!

I'm a bit eclectic with my listens. Just like I am with pretty much everything else.

This week...Fuel.
They've been playing on the radio recently and so got me back into listening to them. Or at least one version of them. This band...has had a LOT of members over the years. Like 20 or so for a 4 man band. lol

Right now I think only one of the current line-up is an original.

But my favorites were the yearly years and the 90s once again.

Have you heard Fuel? Have a favorite of theirs?
What's on YOUR playlist this week?

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