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Quote-tastic (46)-- the poor...maid.

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I read this one earlier this year and really enjoyed it. It's an erotic historical and pretty spicy. There's a LOT of nekkid time in this one as the two secret away and explore for a spell. Not for everyone but the very end of this quote had me chuckling. Review for this one is HERE if you want to check it out.

She was going to pleasure his ass. Despite the building orgasm that demanded release, Lucien slowed his frantic rhythm. 

Her fingernail tickled, then her finger pressed in.

"Ooh, you are so very tight, Lucien. I can't seem to wiggle my finger inside."

His cock went as rigid as the barrel of a pistol at her words and at the intense sensations as she worked to enter him. 

"Was I as snug and hot around your tongue?" she inquired innocently, as she pushed further.

Barely able to speak, he managed a gruff, "Yes."

"Am I hurting you?"

"No." He battled for enough control over his ragged breathing to talk--to give her some guidance--but before he could tell her what to do, she shoved in hard. "There," she said triumphantly as his muscles clenched and pain shot through him.

"Slide it out a little, sweeting." he begged.

"I am hurting you. Oh Lucien, I am sorry." She pulled her finger right out.

"Please, Diana--"

"Do you want me to try again?"

"Yesss," he hissed.

He clutched his cock as she slid her finger back inside.

"You're scorching hot," she marveled.

Her commentary was driving him wild. He fought his nearing release, fought to last just a little longer.

"I can barely move my finger in you, you've gripped it so hard."

He wasn't even jerking off anymore. Didn't need it.

He was going to shoot off like the Vauxhall fireworks at any second.

"Now, where is your sensitive spot?" she asked. "The one that would make you come in an instant?"

Her questing finger hit the trigger at the exact moment she asked her question. A blinding, searing bolt of lightning shot through him, from his arse, through his balls, up the throbbing shaft of his prick. 

He shouted so loud he heard something crash out in the hallway. Apparently he'd startled a maid.
And this one just because it make me laugh. They were playing a bit of a naked game and he was blindfolded and trying to find her and, well, wobbling about while doing so...
"I do love the way your cock wobbles." she cooed.

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