Monday, March 31, 2014

The Monthly Herd: March Recap!

 So. It was a pretty busy month with new things cropping up on the herd!
I'm pretty excited about all of them :)

Other than these I also added new share features down below to each post for easy sharing.
I think it looks kinda...snazzy. lol Oh and I asked what YALL would like to see (feel free to chime in!)

In real life... I had to touch nature (I so don't like yard work) and went to a friend's bachelorette party.
Worked around the house on projects and kicked off plans for some construction happening in April (eep!)
Survived even more snow *flails*
And spent some time playing with graphics. I'm having such a good time learning this stuff!
Other than that a pretty quiet month other than all this mess down below...

Ooo and I busted into the top 2000 reviewers on Amazon! Woot!
Really I've got no idea what good that does me but I don't care! It was squee worthy and squee worthy means cupcakes!

My first Must Reads! List went live!! 
Lists of my favorite books/authors/posts I think *everyone* should read.
This month I posted my Must Read! Contemporary List.

These will be linked in the drop down menu. I've got most major genres in the plans (paranormal up next) but if you have a specific list you'd like to see let me know!

 For bloggers!
I started a list/group of bloggers who like to be social.
ex--they reply to comments left on their blog, visit other blogs and comment, hang out on social media, etc

All heat levels are welcome.

To join visit...
The Linky List and add your blog!
The FB group and ask to join!

::snort:: Just a fun thing. A post of all the weird and funny things people tag me in.
This'll be a somewhat regular post but random and done whenever it piles up enough for one.

First edition is HERE!

And as of a couple hours ago...a man candy FB fan page.
Just for fun. And man candies of all types.

Come give us a Like! And Share!

We kicked off Support the Troops!
This'll be an event in May hosted by herding cats to raise awareness and donations.

Authors & Publishers interested in donating to a silent auction or the FB party please
visit this PAGE and fill out the form. Thanks!

Hmm. Well, other than reviews and the typical April is bringing...

The A to Z challenge. Each day of the week (Mon-Sat) we'll be blogging the alphabet with near 2000 other bloggers on completely random things.

I'm rocking a "Gasp, Sigh, Gigglesnort with a side of Yum" theme.
So...pretty much everything and an excuse to post man candy. *nods*

The Alpha Male Madness Giveaway Hop kicks off April 11th! Sign up is still open!
Or authors if you'd like to donate to the grand prize (in exchange for rafflecopter entries) let me know!

Ooh yeah the Nalini Singh read-a-long continues!

There were 18 reviews! Woot! With 8 of those being new to me authors. Not bad! Some really great reads and only one DNF!

Interview w/ Mary Behre
Interview w/ Linda Morris
Interview w/ Mina Carter
Interview w/ Jennifer James
Interview w/ Roni Loren
Interview w/ Katie Lane
Interview w/ Meg Benjamin

Guest Post w/ CP Foster
Guest Post w/ Tory Richards
Guest Post w/ Jessie Donovan


Tues Jams

Cat Thurs

Tasty Delights

Holy.Cow. What a month. I *think* I got everything in. Whew!
So, did you have a favorite post?
Have a suggestion?

How was your March? Anything exciting planned for April?

[Are you a blogger? Leave your link so I can visit you too! ~Anna]

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