Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Invite to The Social Blogger!

Hi all! Just wanted to share something new we're doing. The Social Blogger. 
It's open to all bloggers who would want to be a bit more social with other bloggers--commenting, replying to comments, visiting on social media, etc.  

This list will probably be a bit more adult romance centered than NA/YA but all are welcome.

There's a FB group as well (linked below) for any bloggers that would like to join.

The Social Blogger was inspired by Readers in Wonderland's 
Blogger's Commenting Back but going in a slightly different direction and with a more "adult" blog focus.

And so...The Social Blogger!

This can take any form you'd like.
Either on blogs, on social media or wherever. 

The main goal is to meet other bloggers and get to know each other.
And just have fun chatting books!

A big part of that is leaving comments and replying to them so that's very much encouraged for anyone "signing up". You don't have to comment on everything but at least make an effort to check in and leave comments when you can :)

You can do this on social media too! FB fan pages, on twitter feeds, Goodreads, etc.
Just hanging out and leaving some comment love or liking posts you enjoy.

Yall know what I'm talking about. Be social and have fun!

There's a FB group associated with the Social Blogger that everyone is welcome to JOIN.

(there are The Social Blogger buttons for your blogs as well 
if you're interested in adding one to your side bar)

Just add your blog or social media link in the list below and start visiting!

And if you'd like to add a button to your side bar a few are below. If none fit your color scheme just let me know. Happy to do some fiddling and work one up for ya.

The Social Blogger

The Social Blogger

The Social Blogger

The Social Blogger

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