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Mercy (Buchanan #2) by Julie Garwood

When esteemed Justice Department attorney Theo Buchanan is struck ill at a New Orleans gala, Dr. Michelle Renard works fast to save his life. Soon, Theo finds himself in a race to save her when Michelle is targeted by a deadly crime ring. They call themselves the Sowing Club, a devious foursome driven by greed to accumulate millions in a secret bank account. Now they're dead set on silencing Michelle, who might know the secret behind the killing of one of their wives. Dodging a world-class hit man and a band of cunning criminals, Michelle and Theo walk a narrow path between passion and survival.

Type: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5

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So my first time reading Julie Garwood...was a hit. I really enjoyed Mercy. Loved the characters and got lost in their romance (even though it's not hot and heavy) and the mystery they fight to keep Michelle out of the clutches of a group of murderers. It was a quick read because I just couldn't put it down :)

Theo and Michelle are what totally won me over. I loved that Theo wasn't a complete macho man. He's scared of snakes. He's scared spitless of needles and shots. And he man so doesn't mind owning up to it either. I don't know. It was just a hoot to me and so relatable. He's just a good guy that's laid back and does some pretty sweet things throughout the book that had me going all girly.

And Michelle (aka Mike) was just as great. She's tough in her own way and a bit of a peace maker that really wants to make a difference even if it's only in her small little piece of the world. She goes with the punches and isn't too girly over nature (so the opposite of me)

The two really were nice together. Felt natural and were just a...comfortable fit. Once they got over that first meet where she saved his life and he...threw up on her. ::snort:: But after that I loved how they interacted and fed off each other and omg...this...


"I found your best feature."

"What is it?" she asked in a sleepy whisper.

He tugged the sheet down and put his hand on her breast. If she hadn't been so tired, she would have asked him to explain why men had such an obsession with breasts, but then she suddenly realized just where his hand was pressed and tears sprang into her eyes. How could she not love this man?

He had placed his hand over her heart. 
As much as I enjoyed Theo and Mike and their light romance the murder mystery and the killers were just as "enjoyable" in a totally creep me the fuck out way. I really really didn't like the parts of the book that put you in their heads. Totally made me feel dirty and like I needed a shower. Which is also why I kinda loved it because damn. Well done Garwood getting that slimy feeling across. Some surprise twists towards the end that I really didn't see coming put the finishing touches on a really great read that left me excited to read more from Garwood in the future.

Have you read Garwood?
Do you like characters that have quirks and real life foibles like being anti-snakes?

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