Thursday, March 6, 2014

AUTHORS! We need YOU! Bloggers...yall too!

Hiya Authors! We've got two events coming up and would love to have you join in! 

Bloggers/Readers! If yall are comfortable spreading the word that would be incredible!
And please join in on the FB parties. Links are below for each. <3

Bloggers: We also have a new FB group for "The Social *book* Blogger!" if you'd like to join in on that!
It's for bloggers that like to socialize/visit other blogs/hang out on social media and chat with each other. 

First up is a little silly. But hopefully a lot of fun!
Baby G is turning 6!
And we're throwing a birthday bash on FB.
March 20th 6-10PM
If you'd like an author guest spot to pimp your books/your herd and do a giveaway 
please click HERE to fill out the form.

And for a link to the event: FB Party
(everyone is invited to the party so click to join!)

And way more serious (but hopefully a lot of fun too!)...

We're going to be holding a Military Event on herding cats!

With guest posts, spotlights, a FB party and a Silent Auction to benefit the USO center I volunteer for.
Authors we'd love to have you involved any way you're able.
For more information please visit THIS page!

If you have a military romance author or general romance author you think might be interested please let us know so we can contact them!

(To join the FB Party click HERE)

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