Saturday, August 8, 2015

Word from the Herd: Bloggers! Come give Authors YOUR advice!

Soooo today we're having a DOUBLE feature!

In our community bloggers and authors are so connected. It can be an amazing thing but it can also lead to some frustrations since we all work hard but have such different jobs and talents. 

I thought it would be interesting to see what advice Bloggers and Authors would give each other.
Things they wish the other knew or would do, etc.
Either things they love when the other does or things that frustrate them.

Please mention two things only. And please keep things civil :)

For THIS page: Bloggers what would YOU like to say to Authors?

Author thoughts are HERE.

Sooo. My two bits and thoughts...

1] Plan ahead. Don't wait to the last minute to reach out to a blogger about being featured. I've gotten a number of requests from authors wanting to do an interview post...2 days from when they send the request. Or wanting me to sign up for their tour that starts in 4 days. Or a review for the following week. Um...not gonna happen. Sorry yall. Those totally get ignored. My blog posts are scheduled 2-3 months out. This goes for reviews and all features. I'd rather be asked a crazy amount of time ahead than last minute. Life is busy and I just can't accommodate those last minute requests. 

2] I know being an author takes a LOT of time and effort and it can be hard spending that extra time researching blogs when you reach out to bloggers but it's crazy important. As blogger's we're just as busy. We get hundreds of requests from authors and the way they approach us can mean a world of difference in saying yes or hitting that delete button. Check out each blog's request policy and how they ask to be contacted. Especially if it's a blog you're contacting for the very first time. Via FB messages or Twitter...usually not the way to go. Generic copy/paste where it's obvious it's being sent to hundreds of other bloggers willynilly isn't either. Yes, it's going to take time to make things more personalized and look things up but honestly I delete 99% of the ones that send me a form contact that starts out with Dear Blogger or Hey <insert endearment here> or ignore my requests page. There's just too many that come in that way and after the 100th one it starts to work a girls nerves. I did a post a while back on first contacts with bloggers for those that would like to check it out.

And that's my two bits.

Bloggers...what about yall? What would you like for authors to know?

To submit a topic go HERE!

I love hearing from yall! So don't be shy...leave a comment!

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