Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bloggers Wanted: Monica Beggs Tour Sign Up!

Hey guys! I'm organizing a tour for Sheri Fredricks for September. If you have space we'd love to have you join us! There's a variety of post options and it doesn't have to be top post. More info and sign up is below. Thanks yall!
Monica Beggs is more than the hottest porn star out on DVD--she's Finn Daniel's next assignment.

Lights. Camera. Lube?

Famous porn star Monica Beggs has wrapped up another grueling on-location movie shoot when the Colombian cartel attempt to kidnap her. Their guns are as real as the price on her pretty head.

Former Special Ops and present day surfer, Finn Daniels recognize a lady in distress when he sees one—especially when it’s his adult film crush being hustled out the door. He’s no longer in the business of busting up the underworld, but that doesn’t deflect his moral compass.

In a fast-paced adventure--over land, sea, and air--playing it hot and heavy can only lead them straight into action! 
Additional Info: There will be a tour wide giveaway.

Tour material will be sent out at least one week prior to posting date.

Please sign up HERE

Thanks yall! 

If you'd like to sign up to receive notices about future tour hosting opportunities please fill out THIS form. Thanks! ~Anna

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