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Quote-tastic/Review--Wait, you read what??--Make Me by Tessa Bailey

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Tessa my crack. I freaking love this woman's books and Make Me was even more goodness heaped on all the fabulous she writes. lol I had to pick 3 quotes. *hangs head* This first one. The hero has it bad for the heroine but it's a no-go. She's friend zoned him without realizing he wanted something more. His, erm, manly bits are having a hard time remembering they aren't gonna get any...

Russell tipped his head back and breathed through his nose. "I am not my dick. My dick does not make decisions for me."

A passing woman started walking faster, and Russell sighed. Best to keep his new mantra internal the next time he felt the need to repeat it in public.
The two. Well since he can't have her he decides that he needs to look over her and protect her and he's a little grumbly when he does so...
"I don't like that you think I'm always mad at you, Abby. That makes me feel like a dick."

She yawned again, tipping to the side. "Yes, but you're my dick."

Aw, shit. He knew--he knew--she meant that in the most innocent way possible, but it didn't stop his stomach muscles from knotting into a series of intricate patterns and pulling hard.
And, really, how could you NOT fall for a guy like this?
"Ahhh, fuck." He captured her wrists and locked them over her head, giving her a tight twist of his hips. "I'm not a duke, Abby."

Her eyes popped open on a moan, "W-what?"

No way. No way he'd just said that out loud, Russell dropped his head into the crook of her neck, using the opportunity to feel her pulse against his lips. Because any second now, she'd realize she entrusted her virginity to a guy who took pointers from imaginary noblemen. "I, uh." She ran her fingertips up his spine, and nothing had ever felt so amazing in his life. "My brother's wife leaves these books lying around. Romance novels. And this duke--his name is Sebastian, but that's not was his girl's first time. He went so slow, letting her get used to his...manhood" Russell reached between their bodies and palmed Abby's breasts. "I don't know if I can do that."

"Manhood?" He body vibrated with laughter. "You read a romance novel for me?"

Slowly, he shook his head.
I mean!

4 stars-- Make Me (Broke and Beautiful #3) by Tessa Bailey

So. Tessa Bailey. Absolutely smitten with her. Not even gonna lie. I love her books to bits and Make Me totally joined the ranks of books that had me giggling, squirming and sighing in happy reader girl bliss.

The quick of it is that Russel has a it bad for his friend Abby but managed to get himself well and truly friend zoned since his girl has no clue he's rocking some verra durrty thoughts about her. He doesn't think he's good enough for her but he'll be damned if he'll let anything happen to her so best friends and keeping her safe it is until a big scare has him running to her rescue and spending the night watching over her and, well, chest hair happens and gets her thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts about him. Which might be even more torturous for him and his manly bits.

Russell's a little gruff and rough around the edges but damn sexy with his alpha male protective ways. And a yummy mouth too. Not the dirtiest of dirty talkers but *noms* pretty damn good. He was totally working for me.

And Abby was so cute. She's innocent, a little awkward and just one of those people I think it would be hard not to be happy around.
Loved these two together. They drive each other a little batty but have a dynamic between them that's just fun and sweet and makes you smile even when he's acting all grumbly over her not taking care of herself or they're arguing or just hanging out. They come from pretty different worlds--he works construction and she's running a billion dollar hedge fund--which caused him some worries but they fit so well together.

Now, the heat. *fans self* So good. Took em a little while to get there since he was in the friend zone then dealing with not feeling good enough for her and her being a virgin on top of it and that scaring the tar out of him. heh They're hot and the chemistry just freaking flies off the pages. The sex scenes have just a tiny bit of edge to them with his dominance (yum) and a nice dose of a dirty talking (even better).

All in all, Make Me was a fabulous end to the series. Bailey had me smiling, giggling and fanning myself while I rooted for these two and hoped they could figure everything out. Add in getting to see all of the friends spending time together and an ending that totally had me tearing up and it was just a fabulous read I couldn't put down. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to this little group of friends.

*my biggest grumble is the hero is bald and that cover...nope not so much.

Have you read Bailey? Which was your favorite?Any good dirty talkers? Or nicely done virgin stories? 

*covers link to Amazon

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