Saturday, August 22, 2015

Randomly Random: Ten Things Romance Books Need to Rock More Often..

Ten Things Romance Books Need To Rock More Often...

10.  Heroes with cats. 
Yes. Cat Men. Bring on the fucking Cat Men. lol LOVE when the hero has a kitty or two or three.

9. Condoms. And fun, sexy ones. 

Unless other precautions are happening bring on those damn rubbers. But have fun with it. I talked about this before. I know. I can't help it. I want fun and sexy condom scenes not ones that are just a token nod to safety. Glow in the dark, flavored, a rainbow of colors, ones with funny sayings. Or just hot and filthy scenes where plain old regular ones are used.

8. Bookish heroines or heroes. 
I LOVE when they love books as much as I do.  Give me a reader or writer and I'm gonna swoon.
OMG he needs a book! He's even doing #7!!

7. Heroes and heroines with glasses! 
Yes! I said it. I want MORE of them. <says the glasses wearing blogger girl>

6. Rhododendron.

5. Dirty talk. 
Make your toes curl and leave you panting dirty talk. 
So often it's kind of laughable. 
Just adding in fuck, pussy or cock...does not dirty talk make. Mmhm. 

4. Virgins that AREN'T naive. 
I like both heroes and heroines that are virgins. 
I wish they weren't portrayed as being so naive though (especially the women). 
Exception, of course, in historicals where that makes sense.
But this day and age...there's the internet and gobs of porn roaming about it, there's tv & movies where you can see quite an eyeful, you can get a vibrator with free two day shipping from Amazon. 
It's oh so possible for a virgin to *gasp* know what an erect cock looks like, have toys and be able to have a stellar orgasm. #JustSayin

3. Older Characters. 
I want heroes and heroines who are 35+ years old and still rocking some sexy. That know themselves, that aren't on their second marriage or widows.

Hell yeah!

2. Curvy heroines who are comfortable with their extra padding. 
I love seeing heroines of all sizes but man I would LOVE to see more bigger girls who freaking love their curves and rock them. 

1. Pierced cocks. #ThatIsAll
(for that you'll have to visit the Tumblr page and scroll. Totally NSFW.)

So that's what I'd LOVE to see more of in my romances.

What would YOU like to see more of?

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