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Quote-tastic/Review-- Dammit, Tucker! --All Wound Up by Jaci Burton

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I love me some Jaci Burton and can't resist her Play-by-Play series and all it's sexy athletes. And I was seriously loving this one and it's oh so lickable baseball player.

So this first quote. The heroine is a doctor and the poor, poor hero keeps managing to get himself hurt and has landed in her care once again. This just made me snort.
"Is there anything else? You really should get some rest."

He looked up at her. "Yeah. There is something else. Can I get your phone number? I'd like to not come here again as a way to see you."

She laughed. "I think we went through this before. There are so many reasons why the two of us shouldn't see each other--either professionally or personally. One, because you have to stop getting hurt. Two, because I lead a very busy life."

"So do I. Which doesn't mean you never have any downtime. You should get out and have some fun. You are allowed to do that, aren't you?"

"On occasion. But not often."

"So on the 'occasion' that we both have, I'd like to take you out. At least to thank you for being so concerned about the well-being of my testicles."

"I don't think I've ever been asked out quite that way before."

He grinned. "I'm nothing if not unique, Doc. So is that a yes?" He pulled out his phone.

She sighed. "I have a terrible feeling if I say no that you're going to end up in my ER again."

"I'll take a pity yes for now. And then I'll convince you I'm worth it."
Okay and one more. I totally snorted at her reaction. Sometimes a girl just needs to get her mad on...
She got into his car. He turned to face her. "First, I'm sorry. You were right. It was on me to call and I dropped the ball. And that makes me an asshole. I'm not that kind of guy. When I say I'm going to follow through, I do. I apologize for that."

He watched her expression. It had been tight as they'd walked out to the car. Now, her shoulders sagged and she exhaled. "Well. Dammit, Tucker. I was all set to argue with you. I had a good man going on, too."

"Uh, sorry again?..."

Sexy, fun and a total knock out! That's pretty much what I expect from Jaci Burton and she definitely delivered with All Wound Up.

There were many happy things! I love a good sports romance. Add in swoony characters and the little dilemma of her dad owning the baseball team he plays for and the two just being the worst idea ever because of it? Oh yes. Loved it.

Tucker and Aubry were fun and so good together. They're both career oriented and driven--he's all about his baseball career and she's a doctor. They're talented and very much family people. I just enjoyed them and watching them try to resist all those yummy little sparks that flew between them and then going for it once he convinced her to give him a go. They were quirky and light hearted together as they went on some fun dates and hit the sheets and love snuck up on them.

Things were nicely heated too. Nothing too erotic but hot, heavy and all kinds of yummy passionate.

As fun as it was spending time with just Tucker and Aubry one of the things I really loved was the family vibes. They both had strong families that were close and supportive even if now and again they blundered. It's just nice to see healthy wholesome families that aren't broken or hateful or damaged and hurting. I couldn't help smiling as they spent time with their families. Teasing and joking and just being there for each other.

All in all, I'm ready for more. I can't get enough of Burton's sinfully sexy athletes and the women who turn their worlds upside down. All Wound Up definitely hit all the right spots.

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