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4 stars--Rough Edges (Edge #5) by Shannon K. Butcher

Non stop romantic-suspense goodness in one pretty little package. Oh yes. Rough Edges delivered all the goods!

The quick of it is that there's a bad guy in need of being taken down--same bad guy from previous books in the series--and it's come down to Bella and Victor who are going to do whatever it takes--including getting up close and personal with each other--to make sure it happens.

I love when the hero and heroine in a rom-suspense are both operatives. Either both in black ops or security of some sort and trained. Equally deadly, experienced and forces to be reconed with. And so the case here since Bella is actually in charge of the organization and Victor's boss. *nods* Yep. She's pretty badass. And so NOT the heroine to piss off. Chickie has a temper and is rather...combative. I liked her though. She did a few things that annoyed me but it all made sense. And Victor was the perfect match for her. He's the calm to her storm. And has quite a bit of smitten happening where she's concerned. I loved that HE was the one who knew what he wanted and wasn't running. That's so dang sexy to me. And he was into her for exactly who she was. Rough edges included.
"You wouldn't." she said, not even bothering to keep the venom from her voice.

He grabbed her around the waist, hooked a rolling office chair with his foot and pushed her down into it. His body caged her in. His big hot hands pinned her writs to the armrests of the chair. His face was close to hers, giving her a direct view of his clear blue eyes. "I do what's best for the mission. If that means pissing you off, so be it. I'd rather have you angry and safe than dead or detained against your will."

"And you don't think tying me to a chair would be detaining me against my will? What do you think it would be? Fun?"

A flicker of a smile crossed his lips. "Depends on how many clothes you're wearing at the time. If I stripped you bare and tied your legs over the arms of this chair, I think we'd both be having fun once I got my mouth on your sweet pussy."

All thoughts of missions and danger trickled out of her ears, leaving a buzzing sound behind. Sexual awareness prickled across her skin until she had to shiver to shed its hold on her.
"I'm your boss. You can't talk to me like that," she said. There was no bite of reprimand in her tone, only breathless anticipation.

"Sorry, Bella. I really don't give a shit what you are right now. Boss, general--none of that matters, though I wish it did. Wanting you isn't easy."

She knew exactly what he meant. She wanted him just as bad and it made each mission with him both more exciting and more difficult...But they did work well together. They fought well together. She was absolutely certain they'd fuck well together.

Just like that, she could see the two of them going at it, tearing each other's clothes off, battling for dominance. In the end it wouldn't matter who ended up on top. She knew it would be good.

His gaze fell to her mouth before coming back to her eyes. "I don't know what you're thinking right now, but whatever it is, it's hot as hell."

"I'm thinking that you should let me up before I head butt that perfect nose of yours and break it. Maybe you'll worry more about having better manners if you aren't so pretty."

He didn't even bother to shift away in the face of her threat. He stayed right in reach, showing no sign of fear. "No, honey. You're not going to do that."

"I'm not?"

"No." Absolute confidence.

"Why not?"

"Because you like the way I look. And because if you break my nose, it's going to be really hard for me to breath when I go down on you."

A shiver coursed through her. 
They had fab chemistry and worked incredibly well together. Things get a bit heated but since the action side of things was front and center for most of the story the romance took a backseat most of the time as far as a physical relationship went but it really didn't take away from the romance of it all. It was easy to see these two together with the tension, teasing and heat flinging between them.

And whew the action! Yeah. It's non stop as they track down the bad guy and try to rescue a fellow operative that's being held by them. You could feel their frustrations and the pressure of time ticking down which really made for a great rom-suspense read. Butcher had me going a few times wondering if things would work out. Not just for these two and their survival but the team as a whole.

All in all, Rough Edges was edge of your seat rom-suspense that'll get your heart pumping and give you a little thrill too. I'm guessing this is the last of the series but oh I hope there will be at least one more. There was a little side story romance that did wrap up more or less but it's one I would love to see full on the pages too.

Have you read Butcher?Any good recs where both the hero and heroine are operatives and equally trained?

In the world of covert operations, Bella Bayne knows how to get the job done. And with her work coming first, her personal life is coming in a distant second. Even though Bella would like nothing more than to ravish the rugged, handsome Victor Temple, she’s his superior so it’s a strictly hands-off affair.

When Bella gets a solid lead on the location of Dr. Norma Stynger—the twisted mind behind Project Threshold—she must team up with Victor if they are to finally bring justice to the madwoman. But when Norma’s daughter risks her life to help the team, Bella is faced with the impossible task of deciding who will live and who will die…

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