Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cat Thursday-- Saying Good-bye

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August has been a hard month with the herd. My mom lost one of her boys suddenly and this week I lost the herd eldest, Piedmont. He was one of my semi-ferals and we're guessing around 15 years old. He was a rather...difficult boy most of his life. Very strong, very anti doing whatever any human said and would run and fight until you left him be. But man we loved him. This week he started crashing and it turned out he had kidney disease. He spent a few days at the vet on meds and letting us love on him (a rarity) and finally decided he was ready to go so we had to say good-bye.

I really don't want this to be a sad post though.

I wanted to share a bit about my boy and ask that yall share happy memories from your herd angels too. 

So, Piedmont came to live with me over a decade ago and spent his first 6 months living in my bathroom vanity. He was NOT going to have anything to do with his new humans. I mean. ANYTHING.

Then one day he decided to come out and deign us with his gorgeous face.

But touchy touchy, human. No touchy touchy. 

But that's okay. The herd is a mix of all personalities and I'm good with that. 

His big claim to fame was that he began my non-profit animal rescue.

One day (mine are all inside kitties) he managed to get outside when the dogs got out and he panicked. I spent 3 weeks and 2 days searching for him. Plastered the area with fliers, checked all the shelters every two days. Nothing. He just disappeared.

And gah. The kittens at the shelters about did me in.
Our county is high kill and it broke my heart knowing they wouldn't all make it out.

My plan had been to open a rescue once I finished college.
But Piedmont changed all of that.
Three weeks and 2 days after he left us I decided I probably would never see him again and that maybe he'd disappeared for a reason.

To kick start the rescue and help save lives.
So, I filed paperwork, brought home 13 kittens and two mama cats.

And the next day Piedmont showed up.
Walked right in the back door, went up the stairs and hoped on his dresser like he hadn't been gone for weeks and there weren't any new arrivals. 


But by then the rescue was a thing and the slew of kittens were just the first of many he helped save with his little disappearing act.

He was a pretty awesome boy even if not what most would consider lovable since he was a semi-feral. But a great boy he was. Had a Jay Leno chin and a silent meow and loved his wet food. We were definitely blessed to have him as part of the herd for so many years. And oh those weird moments he had when he'd climb up on the couch and force a snuggle were wonderful. Happened maybe once a year and he'd snuggle for a few hours, give head butts and purr and then he'd jump down and be done with his people for a while. He'll definitely be missed. <3

I hope yall will share some about your babies. Good to remember those happy times and funny sweet stories :)

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