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3.5 stars--Just a Summer Fling (Sullivan Lake #1) by Cate Cameron

I saw this cover and immediately thought oOooo cute! and had to get my hands on a copy. And...it was cute but a lot more too.  Just a Summer Fling was perfect for a summer afternoon. Fun, a little sexy and sweet and with a nice extra layer of depth that keep things interesting as Josh and Ashley battle an undeniable attraction, vastly different lifestyles and pasts that are catching up with them.

The quick of it is that Josh is a handyman in a vacation town. He used to both work and play with the "summer people" who descend on their idyllic lake town each year but things got messy and now he's trying to avoid entangles with them and the way the play with the lives of the locals while they're on vacation. Hell of a thing when a young actress--who is connected to one of the summer women Josh previously had an affair with--comes into town and the sparks fly between them. Dragging him intimately into the world of the rich vacationers he tries to avoid, once again.
These two were interesting and in the end I really liked them both. Ashley was sweet and always trying to do nice things which had a tendency to backfire on her. She was spontaneous and didn't always think things through quite enough but I couldn't help but like her and totally fall for her as she loved on Josh's animals (who were so freaking cute!).  She really was a fun one and so much more than the pampered starlet she first appears. And Josh. He totally had the sexy happening. He owns his own business, was a hard worker and doing his best to change his life and be a better man.

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Their romance wasn't smooth sailing--mainly because of the chip on Josh's shoulder in regards to summer people--but they had great chemistry right from the start and once they worked through some of their issues were sweet and a bit sexy and felt so good together.

One of the things I loved the most was seeing them both grow during the book. There's really so much more to these two than first meets the eye and they weren't at their best when the book kicked off. I wasn't totally certain about either of them for a little while but they both won me over as they each struggled with becoming better people. Leaving behind morally questionable behavior, dealing with toxic people in their lives. career changes and embracing life. I liked seeing them both work past their issues even if it could be painful or frustrating watching it happen. But it was wonderful to see it happen nonetheless.

All in all, Just a Summer Fling hooked me completely. A touching romance with amazing character growth, adorable animals, and a lovely ending that had me all teary eyed and smiling. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this little Vermont town and the people who call it home.

Do you have a favorite Summer read?
Or one where the hero/heroine are from vastly different lifestyles?

Ashley’s movie-star life is starting to feel like an act. She’s desperate to be taken seriously, and after her boyfriend’s affair with a costar, she’s ready for a new scene. A vacation at Sullivan Lake with Hollywood power player Jasmine McArthur might be the answer to all her problems. And according to Jasmine, all Ashley needs is a hot summer fling with local stud Josh Sullivan.

After one look at the handsome handyman, Ashley has a hard time saying no. But Josh is tired of playing boy toy for rich women like Jasmine and her friends. As determined as he is to stay away, he can’t shake the feeling that Ashley is different—and he can’t help noticing her auburn hair and dancing green eyes. But when their budding romance hits the tabloids, will it be another Hollywood scandal, or happily ever after?

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