Friday, August 14, 2015

Word from the Herd: Do Reviews Really Matter?

I saw a couple posts on FB recently and they made me a spot sad and, well, curious too.

One post was geared towards authors, one at readers.

And the question posed you read reviews? Why or why not?

And overwhelmingly the answer was no from both groups.

So much pressure is put on reviews and reviewers but it seems like no one wants to admit to reading them. Some even actively hostile about reviewers.

So WHO is reading them?

Is it just bloggers reading other bloggers reviews?

Hell. I've even seen numerous bloggers say they don't read other people's reviews.

I guess it just made me sad this week and got me wondering about all the time wasted hemming and hawing over getting a review just right. I mean, if authors don't care (except if it's a high star rating and adding to their total review numbers) and readers don't care (because they'll decide on their own if they're gonna read one and reviewers can't be trusted) and even some bloggers don't care... Or only read them after they've read the book...

Are people really not reading reviews overall or are they just embarrassed to say they have?
Or what?

So I'm wondering.
What are you? Reader/Author or Blogger?
And do you read reviews?
Ever been swayed by them one way or another?

For me, I read em. Even if it's not a book I'll necessarily pick up I think it's interesting seeing what people think. And sometimes I'm swayed and wind up picking up a book I never would have. Or avoiding one I'd thought I'd pick up but found out it had something I'd hate.

They aren't the be all and end all in my decision making but I do check them out.
But I am picky about who I trust. I stick to bloggers I've gotten to know. General Amazon ones...not so much since it seems to be dominated by street teamers and super fans who only give 5 stars. So, maybe, I'm part of the same 'issue'? Hrrmmms.

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